Saturday, December 02, 2006

I got her earrings, chocolate, spa gift certificate

I really do adore the Click Five; they may be my favorite American band of the moment (I only say "may" because I might be forgetting someone, but right now I can't think of anyone who comes close). They never fail to make infectiously catchy music, proving that guitars, when used properly, can work with pop music perfectly. In an ideal world, they would be dominating the U.S. charts right now; I suppose the only positive side to their success here being on a relatively minor scale (their top-quality album, Greetings From Imrie House, entered the charts at #15 and "Just The Girl" reached #11) is that it hasn't resulted in bunches of inferior knockoffs (though I might still prefer that to the situation at the moment). For Christmas last year, they released two songs. One, an acoustic version of "Silent Night," isn't a version I'm particularlarly fond of (I love the Click Five when they're doing their upbeat, knock-you-off-your-feet catchy songs, filled with little effects and everything, and the song was sort of the opposite of that). However, the other, an original song, is definitely worth owning.

My Girlfriend (Forgot Me This Christmas)--the opening is a bit abrasive, but don't be turned off by that; this may not be the Click Five's best song ever (though some of its best moments could rival those of other songs), but it is still great and definitely fun. With handclaps and those swirly synths (I presume that's what they are?), this is a song sure to make you smile...and if the music alone wasn't enough for that, the lyrics are sure to be. Lead singer Eric goes through all the presents he's received this year, before saying "I got everything I wanted on my list/except for one thing that she missed" (and here insert a hint of a pout but underlain by joyful handclaps): "ooo, j-just a kiss!" (yes! this song even has stuttering in it! how much better can you get?). If all this talk of how he "spent all day by the phone/'Silent Night' on the radio" is, even with the happiness of the music, too much for you, don't worry--there's still hope! In one of the cutest lines in any song, two-thirds in Eric explains, "I lost my Christmas cheer/But that's OK, we've still got New Year's" (and it's followed up with a handclap-filled music break!). With the handclaps and "oooh"'s, and even the melody to a certain degree, there are definitely similarities to McFly. However, the Click Five's use of synth, though never near close enough to make them electro, distinguishes them from their cross-Atlantic former touring partners.

To buy the Click Five's song "My Girlfriend (Forgot Me This Christmas)," go here (digital; only valid for US residents).

I've been forgetting to do this for days, but finally: thank you so much to The Eye-pod for linking to me! I love that site and Will's taste in music. If you're not already a reader (why not?), go over for an excellent post with some songs by Matt Willis (who just won I'm A Celebrity... in a year in which the top three were all pop singers--good for him! Hopefully it means the sales of his great new album will pick up) and Dannii Minogue.

Next up: possibly the song I predicted for today, or a former reality TV contestant.


Paul said...

ooo i love a bit of festive click five! and the bloke below them from alcazar!! hehe. its good to be home to download the music not just read about it!

Poster Girl said...

It's great to have you back! :) I don't know how you managed to survive reading about music but not hearing it ;) The Click Five do festive pretty well...I really can't wait until we get another full album from them! Heck, I'd even take a one-off song on a soundtrack at this point.