Thursday, December 21, 2006

Här kommer jag

Swedish singer Jimmy Jansson is perhaps inextricably linked to Fame Factory, on which he was a contestant (he's steadily dating one of the other contestants from the show, and is expecting a child with her, which I can't believe--2004, when he released his debut album, wasn't that long ago, and he seemed so young!). However, he's also had several experiences with Melodifestivalen. Before Fame Factory, Jimmy competed in Melodifestivalen in 2002 as part of a group called the Poets, though he didn't make it out of semifinals. In 2005, he competed as a solo artist and made it to the finals, placing sixth. He'll also be competing in Melodifestivalen this coming year. He's released two albums so far and is working on a third, I think, but both these songs are from his first album.

Som Sommaren--I know it's the middle of winter (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere), so this song couldn't really be more out of place. Not only does the title probably translate to something about summer, the song itself is full of a bouncy happiness and youthfulness that makes it feel like it couldn't be anything than a summer song--like it's meant to be played under maximum sunbeams. Jimmy's voice is a bit different--it's neither what I'd expect from a teen idol nor someone singing such happy songs as this; I'd be less surprised to hear it in a punk-pop environment, but I'm glad he's chosen to go in this direction.

Godmorgon Världen--less "bop along in the summer" and more "fun with guitars!". I'm going to guess the title means "Good morning world," but this isn't a sweet ode to the rising sun--yes, it may be more flowingly melodic than "Som Sommaren," but the light use of guitars drives the song along at a decent pace and brings the song an up and down feel (which "Som Sommaren" also had, I know, but this is more wave-like, whereas "Som Sommaren" was more staccato). The ending is a bit too abrupt, but it's still a great song overall. It's difficult to compete with "Som Sommaren" for pure catchiness ("Som-som-sommaren!" is just so easy to chant along with), but I think I may prefer "Godmorgon Världen"--maybe because some parts of it could be called pretty, or maybe because it feels like it might yield longer-term benefits (sketchy reasoning there), or maybe just because it's not summer yet.

To buy Jimmy Jansson's debut solo album, Flickan Från Det Blå, go here (physical) or here (digital). If you like your pop with guitars but not in the shouty rock-out style, I definitely recommend listening to more of his songs.

In music updates, Go:Audio have another new song on their MySpace. It doesn't beat "Made Up Stories," but then really, what could? I have such big hopes for this band, mainly in terms of quality but also commercially. There would be a nice parallelism, given my favorite album this year and my favorite album last year, if they were to make my favorite album of 2007, but I'm going to try to not get my expectations too high.

Next up: maybe that remix I mentioned yesterday


Paul said...

ooo intruiging, now if only i knew what he was singing about. PS i KNOW i am gettiing older when these young ragamuffins get younger by the day. Now pass me my stroller ;)

Robpop said...

I've never been able to say the word parrallelism so it therefore doesnt exist.

Great post once again PPG. Yes the girlband post is HUGE but fun! And as girls are so the underdogs of the music industry. I am so doing my bit for feminism.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, Jimmy does have a couple of songs in English (though not on his own albums)--"Miss Julie" is pretty fun; I may have to post it at some point. And popstars these days are starting to make me feel old, too, especially some of the boy bands you've written about (Streetwize?)...I think there needs to be a rule that every member of a boy band must be at least several years older than me!

I love the long posts, Robpop! They keep me entertained for days :) You are definitely doing your bit for feminism...and counterracting the overwhelming presence of boys that I keep posting ;)

(When I was growing up, I couldn't say the word "Jem," which made discussing our VHS rentals of the Jem and the Holograms TV series pretty difficult.)