Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Natten gjorde mig vild då

I'm going to put off the song and cover for another day; instead, today's songs will be two covers. Both songs are also rather interesting covers, since they were originally sung by graduates of an Idol show, but are now song by former Fame Factory contestants. Even more interestingly (or, from the perspective of someone used to the original version, oddly), the songs, originally sung in English, are now sung in Swedish. I'm guessing the reason both of these songs were included on their respective cover performers' albums is that, while on Fame Factory, they performed those particular songs, much like Anthony Callea's debut album included his supposedly best performance, "The Prayer."

Jessica Andersson - Ett Kort Ögonblick--I've featured songs with Jessica Andersson once before; she's one-half of Fame (or was; the last few songs I've heard from her have been solo songs, and the male half of Fame, Magnus Backlund, released a solo album recently). After getting Fame's album, I was rather surprised to suddenly hear a very familiar melody playing when I got to the third song. It's also a melody that will be coming to the radios of UK residents at the end of November, when the X Factor winner releases their own cover of the song. What song is it? American Idol season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This." Jessica's version is a little poppier than Kelly's, with less emphasis on belting or soulfulness.

Mathias Holmgren - Något som kan hända--Mathias Holmgren, in addition to competing in Fame Factory, was also a member of boy band Barbados. He's now solo, though, and has even competed in Melodifestivalen in the past. "Något som kan hända" is a cover of what I see as a classic pop song: Gareth Gates's "Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)." Hearing it for the first time was a strange experience, too--I am so familiar with Gareth's version! It does prove that it's a good song, no matter who sings it, but I still tend to prefer the original (it might just be because I can't understand the language, but this version feels a little more flat--not in the sense of flat vs. sharp--to me). Mathias's album, including this song, is great, though.

To buy Fame's album Give Me You Love, go here (physical); to buy Mathias Holmgren's album, Vägen Hem, go here (physical).

Next up: I'm not sure--maybe that aformentioned song and a cover of it, with the cover also in Swedish.


Suki said...

Oh how weird hearing Anyone of Us sung in Swedish. I know what you mean about it being a little flat - less life than Gareth's version, but it could be the language. It's still a great song anyway.

I've got quite addicted to your blog!

Paul said...

golly - it's weird to hear both songs in different languages because the originals are so embedded in reality tv show pop culture history. I love how these things are recycled all over the world (eg Michelle McManus and Diana DeGarmo did Emotional...) like there aren't quite enough songs to go round!

Robpop said...

Paul, wait till you see the next batch of girlbands. Theres one particular group who've done one song that will take you back! Right back to 1997 Again PopPosterGirl love this! Like Suki I've become addicted to your blog.

Poster Girl said...

Thanks, Suki--that's so great to hear! I hope I can manage to keep feeding that addiction :) I really agree with you an all counts about "Anyone Of Us." It's often strange enough to hear a song you're really familiar with covered, but to hear it covered in another language can be even stranger!

I know, Paul! Reality TV contestants often seem especially prone to that--with all the money behind those shows, it is surprising they don't hire more songwriters.

Thanks so much, Robpop! I am completely addicted to DSTP and can't even imagine how you find out about so many different singers from so many different places!