Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cuando yo te veo, no sé lo que siento

Happy Thanksgiving to any American readers (and to any readers who aren't American, if they'd like to have a happy Thanksgiving, too)! I don't really have any Thanksgiving songs, so this post is, unlike the one on Halloween and the ones to come in the beginning of December, not holiday-themed. Maybe we could all give thanks for good music? Anyhow, I'm in love with today's song at the moment. It's sung by David Bisbal, who took second (to Rosa López) on Operación Triunfo, the Spanish television show that was the first manifestation of Fame Academy. From what I understand, he's very successful in Spain and has released three original studio albums, with the most recent one coming out last month. I haven't been listening to the most recent album, Premonición, for long enough to really review it yet, but so far it seems to be a great album. This song, though, is from his first album. Interestingly for anyone who knows my belief in the importance of popstar hair (thank goodness Paul also knows how important it is!), one of the things David was known for was his curly, medium-length hair (sort of mop-styled), but he recently cut it off in order to bring attention to the plight of child soldiers (watch it in his music video for "Soldado de Papel" here).

Ave María--the sort of song that definitely makes you want to dance (though I'm not quite sure how you would dance to it). It sounds very Spanish, but in the best possible way, and is completely full of life and exuberance. It also features what may be the most infectious rhyme in music ("Ave María, ¿cuando serás mía?"). "Ave María" is the sort of song I can imagine students in Spanish class becoming totally enamored with, but it deserves a far wider audience than that; from the beginning, which jumps straight into the chorus, to the end, where David is begging his girl to just give him an answer already, and with the aid of horns throughout, the song radiates a happiness that you can't help but absorb some of.

To buy David Bisbal's first album, Corazón Latino, go here (physical) or check iTunes; for just "Ave María," go here (digital).

Some quick updates on some artists whose music I love:

If you live in Australia, since November 21 you've been able to buy Anthony Callea's new album on iTunes. For some reason, the actual album doesn't come out and won't ship until November 25, but, even if you don't live in Australia, you can still listen to the preview clips on iTunes if you like (they're not as long as the clips on his website, but they are higher quality). There's also what appears to be another Australian iTunes-only song, "Whatever It Takes," that you can preview, and buy if you live in Australia. Sigh...I'm glad we're getting to hear the songs he had to cut from the album, but what about the non-Australian fans? I'm hoping it's a hidden track on the album, but I don't think it is. In some old-ish news that I think I may have forgotten to mention earlier, he'll also be covering a song for a charity album, Home: Songs of Hope and Journey, the album whose lead single is the Shannon Noll and Natalie Bassingthwaighte duet (and cover) of "Don't Give Up."
Edit: ooo--my copy of A New Chapter actually shipped today! I'm shocked! Now the question is how long it will take to get to the U.S....

Gareth Gates is going to be giving an invitation-only (though fans can enter to win tickets) mini-concert featuring some of the songs from his new album later this November. Of course, I won't be going, but hopefully we'll get news about what the songs are like! This fact is somewhat reassuring, as I was still worried by his/his management's lack of real, specific news about any new music from him. At least this will prove it exists...

Don't forget to buy poor Matt Willis's new album, Don't Let It Go To Waste--it sounds as if it's very good and he needs all the help he can get! Go here to buy it.

Next up: I really want to write about David Bisbal's most recent album, because it has some excellent songs (including the must-be-a-future-single "Silencio") on it...that probably won't be tomorrow, though; maybe it'll finally be time to get to that song and the Swedish cover of it.


Paul said...

poor matt willis. though on the plus side the westlife album is going to top the album charts and take that the singles charts. Who says boy bands can't survive in the british pop climate (Popjustice for starters) - this and McFly have had 2 number ones this year... it is just a more mature sounding boy band evolution :)

ps ~ A moment like this as the x factor winners song? Ew.

Poster Girl said...

At least there's something good going on somewhere in the charts.

I was rather sad to read the Popjustice thoughts on the future of boy bands--the idea that they were an anomaly that won't return is sad, and a little frightening! I know I've read somewhere about that idea of evolution before, and I think I heard PJ (or maybe someone on the boards? I think it's something I've heard a few places) mention that the Kooks are the new boy band, and I suppose they are...I konw music is always evolving, but I don't think the sound of, say, the Kooks is better than the sound of, say, 'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys; I would love a Backstreet-esque band to be successful again some day, though they would need to be a high quality band to do so. It's a really interesting topic...I may need to think about it and write something more comprehensive and coherent later!