Monday, October 02, 2006

Watching every single scene in slo mo

In a much shorter post than yesterday's, we're going slightly meta-pop today; both the songs are essentially tributes to a famous popstar. Keep your ears open to see how many references to the popstars' own songs you can catch within these songs.

Akcent - Kylie--dance-pop from a Romanian group who competed (with a different song, "Jokero") to represent Romania at Eurovision, ultimately losing out to Mihai Träistariu. "Kylie" definitely has dubious lyrics (that chorus?!). Sketchy? Yes. Trashy? Probably. Sort of fun? In its own way.

Bonus: Jokero--another Akcent single (preceded by "Kylie"). This doesn't fit today's theme at all, but it would have been an awful short post otherwise. More dance-pop, although this time the boys of Akcent have brought in a female singer to do the chorus.

Bonus 2: Dragoste De Inchiriat--the Romanian (I think) language version of "Kylie." Since I can't hear them saying "Kylie" in this one (except during the fade-in at the beginning and fade-out at the end), the lyrics must be pretty different.

Busted - Britney--from Busted's debut album, this is a pop-punk-rock song that I wasn't totally sure about, musically, at first. However, even if it gets a lot of its power by stealing elements from Britney's songs, I've decided it is a good song--those two pounded notes in the chorus just cannot be denied, and the "every single thing you do" section is good fun.

To buy Akcent's single "Kylie" (which doesn't have "Jokero"), go here (physical); to buy Akcent's album French Kiss With Kylie, go here (digital); to buy Busted's debut album, Busted, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: Jesse McCartney or Gregory Lemarchal.


J'ason D'luv said...

Oooh, fun! You know, I'd always heard about "Kylie," but had never heard it. Pop Poster Girl to the rescue!

Remember two years ago when the pop spotlight briefly shone on Romania... isn't that where O-Zone were from? Or somewhere near there? Am I even close?

Anonymous said...

awwesome blog man!!! this blog needs more promotion lol...its great...!!!

humanclay said...

IMO Britney is one of the greatest songs ever if only bcuz from the very first time you hear it you feel like you have heard it b4 and it's instantly stuck in ur head...there's enough of a wink and a nudge in the song 2 make it more than just a bubblegum "remake/rework" or US pop...simply awesome

Poster Girl said...

Moldova, maybe? But big in Romania first? That sounds sort of familiar. Which makes me curious about what the rest of Romanian music is like...I thought their Eurovision entry this year was pretty good. Funny you should mention O-Zone, though... ;)

Thanks! My taste in music is sort of random, but I try to do what I can :) It's great to get positive feedback!

Humanclay, I totally agree--I don't know how I didn't recognize its amazingness on first listen, but it's one of the Busted songs I listen to most now! I do miss James Bourne news, I heard something about the next Son Of Dork album being called "Second Album" or some such thing, so that people actually realized that they'd released a first album--the interesting part, I thought, was that they are getting to release a second album (not so much the title), which I must admit I am happy about...not only did I (confession) like their first two singles and some other songs on the album, the album as a whole has actually grown on me, something I did not expect to happen. There are still songs on it I don't listen to, but "We're Not Alone" makes me really curious to see where they're going next.

Trixie said...


I interviewed Son of Dork a few months ago and James told me how he'd been writing with the guys from Bowling From Soup for the 2nd album.

I can't remember where I got Akcent Kylie from but had it for a while now and it's hilariously ace.


Poster Girl said...

Really? Interesting! I don't know that much of Bowling For Soup's music, but I like their cover of "1985"'s really reassuring to hear about James working on that album! I guess there are some similarities lyrically and in attitude between the two bands (based on the two other Bowling For Soup songs I know :) ), so it'll be interesting to see how that turns out. I just have this feeling that James Bourne deserves success, so I hope he gets it/continues to get it.

And I totally agree about Kylie :)

Nick said...

I love that stupid Kylie song. It's so ridiculously catchy!

Poster Girl said...

You and Trixie together may just have given Kylie the best description possible--hilariously ace, stupid, and ridiculously catchy...yeah, that sounds about right! :)