Wednesday, October 18, 2006

She whispered words like he had never heard

Today's post isn't actually about the Swedish singer I mentioned yesterday, though the song (just one today--sorry!) is sung by a Swedish singer. I also have no particularly legitimate for posting it, other than that it makes me smile (and it's moving away from the acoutic guitar-ness that's overwhelmed this place for the past few days). I think the rest of the world discovered it when Jessica of Dirrrty Pop posted it to her mp3 blog, but, since I had just barely begun to care about music back then (let alone read blogs--trust me, I regret coming to it so late now), I just heard it for the first time recently.

Swedish group BWO are recipients of much blogger praise, and very deservedly so--their music is brilliant. However, though the lack of Alexander Bard's touch means this song isn't quite as amazing as the best BWO songs, this solo song by BWO singer Martin Rolinski is still really great. It's from one of the CDs released during his appearance on the TV show Popstars (the CD was a compilation of the various contestants singing, not just Martin) and so, unsurprisingly, is a cover.

Wig Wam Bam--originally done by the Sweet (I think), this version of the song, though it retains a hint of rock edge, is still incredibly poppy (and cheesy, but that's a good thing). You still get the catchy guitar riff, but the vocals aren't as rough. Though it's poppy version of a rock song, it also feels amped up--it's got more power than the original, I think, which really lets you appreciate how catchy it is. It may not be to everyone's taste, but for me, it's just impossible to listen to without smiling.

Normally I link to where you can buy the album the song I've provided is on, but I have no idea where you can get the Popstars album; instead, I'll just link to where you can buy BWO's latest album, Halcyon Days--get it here (physical) or here (digital).

Back to the UK for a moment: I got some e-mail from the Matt Willis listserve today--I don't really understand what it's about (something about schools and New Music Week?), but if you're participating in whatever it is, you should definitely go buy Matt's song (it's just a single for whatever this is, though it'll be on the album) "Ex-Girlfriend" because, based on a 30 second clip, it sounds pretty fun. Speaking of Matt, if you have 4 minutes of spare time, you can go watch this video from McFly's recent tour, in which Matt joins them for their cover of "Don't Stop Me Now." The Click Five, McFly, and Matt Willis--this confirms my belief that I just missed out on the greatest tour ever. The V/McFly/Busted lineup might give them a run for their money (and might still win out, depending on the day), but basically: congratulations to everyone who got to go--I'm sure it was phenomenal.

Next up: I've just found another Swedish Martin who I may (may--that's based more on description than actually hearing his music, though he does have at least one good song) rather like, but I've heard so many good things about his first album that I want to see if I can track it down first before posting...maybe the Swedish singer I was originally planning to write about today, then.

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Paul said...

the mcfly click five combo was rather bonza (unless you work with me and then clearly i didn't get to go)... but no matt willis for us. Thankfully - i can't share you enthusiasm. But we do love anything BWO related... bring on Will My Arms for a christmas uk single...

Poster Girl said...

I know Matt isn't widely loved :) 'tis OK, though--I definitely understand why not everyone likes his music. I have to confess, in what may be heresy for any pop lover, that I don't actually own BWO's first album--I've got some songs off of it, but I came to them late (like you) and just sort of skipped straight to the second fact, I think I should probably go order it right now :)