Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I like the way you're not typical, usual, superficial, visual

I only have a couple minutes, but I wanted to post this before I rush off again. First, thanks to the original source and AcerBen over at the Popjustice boards for providing that source, and I'm sure one of the amazing music blogs out there will have the high quality of this song soon, but for right now, here's a sort of subpar audio quality version of it. What song is it? Swedish singer Darin (Darin Zanyar)'s new single, "Perfect." Since this is low audio quality, I don't think it'll hurt sales, but, as always, if anyone would like me to remove the link, just let me know!


I really like it (handclaps! the way he says "the way" at the beginning--"thuh-uh wuh-ay"!), although I wouldn't be surprised if some people are disappointed. It's not quite as good as "Money For Nothing" or "Step Up" at first listen, but I'm pretty sure it will end up being one of those songs I find myself compelled to listen to repeatedly. It's also a little more R&B (though still pop!) than some of his other songs, but, given his singles from his second album, that's no surprise. Break The News, Darin's third album, comes out November 22 and, based on his previous two albums, should be excellent.

Real post later today!


Paul said...

i'm still working his last album (this happened when i was late with BWO last year and had to slightly delay my love of the new cd!) but this will do very nicely. Not sure about the cover of the single - its a bit too mixed up world by Soph Ell Bex... we need better hair too!

Poster Girl said...

Speaking of hairstyles, have you seen Ryan Cabrera's appearance on Cribs? (I'm not sure why I ask that--the answer's got to be no) It's not a show I watch, but I somehow happened to see that episode--popstar hair gone tragically, tragically wrong...