Tuesday, October 03, 2006

!!!!!, part 2

I keep coming back, having five minutes to check what's up, and finding out these huge pieces of news...I really will be doing a real post later today, and this really isn't turning into a news blog...

The tracklisting for McFly's new album is up at HMV. It reads as followed:

1.) We Are Young
2.) Star Girl
3.) Please, Please
4.) Sorry's Not Good Enough
5.) Bubble Wrap
6.) Transylvania
7.) Lonely
8.) Little Johanna
9.) Friday Night
10.) Walk In The Sun
11.) Home Is Where The Heart Is
12.) Don't Stop Me Now

There really wasn't a point to posting this, as it doesn't really tell us anything, except allow baseless speculation on what the songs will be like. We've already heard three songs on the album (the double-sided first single and "Star Girl"), as well as the original version of "Home Is Where The Heart Is," the World Cup song they made but have apparently reworked. Interesting titles there, "Bubble Wrap" and "Transylvania" among them. They also have a song called "Friday Night," and, since the Click Five have proven that songs called "Friday Night" must inevitably be phenomenal, that can only be a good thing.

Anyhow, once again, real post coming later today--this is all just getting to be a little too much for me to handle...at this rate, Gareth Gates is going to announce his comeback in a few hours and I might just spontaneously combust in excitement.


Paul said...

i excitedly read this post wrong and was all "ooo gareth gates is making a comeback!" which did my credibility no good as i was sitting at my desk at work! I was all "calm down, i still like the killers"... but ooo! to the mcfly album - v exciting :) Oh Happy Day. I look forward to it - i am most pleased with the decision to close the album with DSMN - i think it will work best there. A nice burst of energy to finish on before you listen to it all over again!

Poster Girl said...

Ohhh, sorry (both to get you excited and to ruin your credibility at work)! Thank goodness for the Killers, then :) You're so right about "Don't Stop Me Now"--ending the album with that energy will be great. I'm also pleased to see neither "Star Girl" nor "Please, Please" is the opening track, because that means the first song must be a really good opening song--epic or really full of energy or something!