Monday, September 11, 2006

When you kissed me on your intergalactical frisbee

(In fairness, that title isn't actually taken from one of the songs in this post, but it is from "Star Girl," which it's mainly about anyhow; plus, are you going to tell me a line like that wasn't meant to be pulled out of context and quoted?)

Right, so, McFly's latest single, "Star Girl." I have so many thoughts on it, but none of them add up to anything; one moment I quite like it, the next I'm not so fond of it (so get ready for a bunch of disconnected musings). I have listened to it a bunch of times, so that's probably a good sign (I hope). It reminds me of Son Of Dork's "We're Not Alone," though musically the songs aren't that similar (they just both have spacey sound effects), and Busted songs in general, especially in parts of the lyrics (though, since Tom of McFly helped write some Busted songs, that shouldn't be a surprise, I suppose). The horns in the middle are a nice touch. I'm surprised that it's a single--even if I do like it, it's sort of out-there for a single; can anyone see it getting a lot of radio play? Then again, since the UK singles charts are based on sales, not radio play, that might not matter and Busted's songs after all did well (did they get radio play or just sell well?). "Star Girl" makes me look forward to hearing the final full version of "Lose It" (which Paul posted a clip of) even more. Speaking of clips, "Star Girl" is apparently a reworking of another leaked clip, "Good Night." I'm definitely looking forward to the album which, since the radio presenters referred to it by name, must still be called Motion In The Ocean.

I think I'm going to come down on the side of liking "Star Girl;" I haven't been listening to it for that long, though, so, with luck, I'll be solidly in favor of it in a few days. Will the rest of the world respond the same way? I am, worryingly, skeptical.

Let's move on to a couple of other McFly songs so that there's actually some music in this post.

No Worries--a B-side to "I'll Be OK" that is really good. Strummy guitars are in full effect for a song that, though it fits in nicely with the rest of the Wonderland-era material, is a little lighter than most of it, with a little bit of a happy edge, though certainly not as light or happy as the songs on Room On The 3rd Floor. It really picks up pace at the end.

Home Is Where The Heart Is--a low-quality radio rip of McFly's submission for England's World Cup song (since it's a radio rip, there's a little talking at the beginning and a good deal at the end, but luckily, most of the talking there is over the fade out, so you don't miss much). It's sort of mellow, but I can totally picture people chanting the chorus (the "home" part feels like it would sound perfect for a giant stadium or street full of people trying to sing it together)...then again, I've never actually been to a real soccer/football game, but either way, it's a good song. Of course, that means it wasn't chosen; instead, the FA went with a song by Embrace that I don't think is really about football... I think I remember hearing that one of the leaked demos was a reworking of this song.

To buy McFly's single "I'll Be OK," including its B-Side "No Worries," go here (physical) or here (digital).

There are about a million things I've been meaning to say and keep forgetting. Here, before I forget them again, are some of them:

You all will be glad to know that, though I can no longer complain about a lack of official news from Heinz Winckler, I now have a new celebrity to complain about lack of news from, and therefore relay any random tidbit that I find: Ben Adams. He apparently appeared on The Match, some sort of UK football/soccer show with celebrities. He was on for maybe three seconds, but in lieu of any actual news about his music, that's what I'm going to report.

Thanks so much to the sites that have linked to me, #1 Hits From Another Planet (which you should check out right now for some excellent remixes and a great song by rising artist Mika), Chart Rigger (try not to die laughing reading the banterviews), Fetch Me Some Music (for all new music releases and introductions to some new artists), and the Hotstuff Files (wit, frequent updates, and excellent music taste)--you all should really check them out if you haven't already!

No claims about quality for this next song! I have been going crazy trying to figure out where on earth I know this O-Town song from. It's called "We Fit Together" and I'm pretty sure I just heard it for the first time, but the lyrics sound really familiar, especially in the chorus (there can't be that many songs with a similar beat and the word "goosebumps" in them, can there?)--did someone cover this song? I really don't think I've heard O-Town sing it before, unless it was in a movie or something (apparently it was in Dr. Dolittle 2, but, unless it was superprominently featured, I have a hard time believing that's what I remember it from)...

Next up: it's pretty much been a McFly love-in around here lately, hasn't it? You all should be glad that most of the music I like is made by artists who are no longer releasing music or who seem intent on stringing fans along with no actual sign of when they will release new music. Phixx might be the topic of tomorrow's post.

(By the time I finished this post, I was feeling better about "Star Girl.")


Paul said...

i bloody love star girl. and the new girls aloud song is pretty bonza too. what a good day for comeback singles...

Poster Girl said...

Definitely! It's such a shame the songs are going to go head-to-head--they both deserve their time in the sun (I've decided that I do actually love "Star Girl." This second half of the year is going to end up very expensive for me, what with all the great singles and albums coming out :)