Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Everybody who's staring wouldn't believe

Westlife are an interesting phenomenon--they are both intensely popular and intensely hated by large numbers of people. I don't feel qualified to pass judgement on them as a whole--I don't actually own any of their albums and haven't heard all of their singles. The four (originally five) person Irish boy band have certainly been very prolific since their first single was released in April of 1999, releasing seven albums and getting who-knows-how-many top-ten charting singles. Westlife came to mind today because rumor has it their next album will be released November 6, the same day as McFly's album (McFly's next single is also going to come out on the same day as Girls Aloud's latest effort, "Something Kinda Oooo;" why did they have to choose weeks with such competition? It's a shame both McFly and Girls Aloud won't be able to get #1's, if either of them is actually able to do so anyhow...I am worried that McFly's "Star Girl" won't win them any new fans, but I'd better cut that thought off there and swerve back onto topic). Whether or not you like Westlife, though, I think there's at least one song of theirs that is worth hearing.

When You're Looking Like That--Westlife are best known for their ballads. They've also occasionally dabbled with ballads with a little bit of extra energy ("Amazing") or mid-tempo songs ("World Of Our Own"). This song, though, is clearly fast, even sort of dance-ish, though admittedly in a very boybandish way, with a feeling that it demands to be jumped up and down to. There are tons of little electronic background effects, adding energy and bounce to it, and listen for how the music shamelessly co-opts rock's style during the line "she's all dressed up for glamour and rock and roll." I haven't seen the music video for it (I'm not even sure if there is one), but it has immense potential for a choreographed group dance routine. It's definitely my favorite out of the Westlife songs I know (and, as I said, I don't know that many--their back catalogue is just too intimidatingly large). A song like this wouldn't really fit in on the charts today, but it's really a shame Westlife never recorded more songs like it.

(I just looked on YouTube and apparently there is a music video for it; however, it's just tour footage interspersed with the boys singing to the camera. Some parts have some energy, but there's not really any dancing and using tour footage doesn't exactly lead to a great video.)

Edit: though gossip has November 6 being the release date of Westlife's new album, Amazon seems to have it listed as November 13, which would be a very good thing. Amazon also says "When You're Looking Like That" was originally a ballad on Westlife's second album which was remixed and added to the third album; if so, I have to congratulate whoever had that idea.

To buy Westlife's third album, World Of Our Own, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: probably Gregory Lemarchal.


Henry said...

i dont like westlife now. :(
i dunno why

Paul said...

i don't mind the life - sure they are formulaic and predictable but they are good at what they do and everynow and then i really get attached to one of their songs. so screw who likes them and doesn't - when they are good, they're good :)

PS - i'm so into simon curtis right now!

J'ason D'luv said...

I refer you to this.

Jessica said...


Thanks for the comment. I like Westlife, I have all of their albums. I prefer their ballads than their up-tempos though. However, I can't really imagine "When You're Looking Like That" as a ballad.

Also, school is pretty good. Today was my third day and I only had 3 hours of lectures. Good luck with your schooling.

- Jessica (POPtastic)

Paul said...

don't hate me J'Ason :)

PinkieDust said...

Westlife are the original singers of Will Youngs debut single Evergreen

Poster Girl said...

Didn't plan on setting off such a chain reaction of Westlife comments :) Though I did know your feelings on them j'ason--it had to come out sooner or later that there were some Westlife songs I like (this one and "Amazing" among them--they do make good ballads sometimes; maybe it's just because I haven't been around long enough to feel overwhelmed by all the songs they've done). I've already admitted to liking Darius and Clay Aiken, so there's not really any credibility left to lose ;)

I did know about Westlife and Will Young, but I've never heard Westlife's version; I really like Will's cover of it, though. As much as Westlife may cover other people's songs, their songs have also been covered a lot, too (Ruben Studdard, Heinz Winckler, and Anthony Callea among them--the company behind Idol must really like their songs!)

You're lucky you're on your third day, Jessica--I've been back for almost a month now. Three hours isn't too bad, though! Good luck to you, too.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, and as a P.S. to Paul: liking Simon Curtis is so in now ;) He really is great!

Nikki said...

this is really, really late(years late? haha.) but if you want to see this song with choreography, check out the performances during the 'Where Dreams Come True' and 'Greatest Hits' tours. They're on DVD so youtube has them, most probably. haha.