Thursday, August 31, 2006

Let it out, tell me what you really mean

A hodge-podge post this evening, since I didn't get to put up part two of the Blue special until this afternoon.

Things you will no longer have to hear me rant about:
  • Heinz Winckler. His official website has now been updated (even if it does take forever to load now), so I'll stop complaining about lack of official news from him (and stop posting random pictures, too). If I do decide to get his album, I'll probably post up a review of it, but that should be about it.
  • Who Wants To Be A Superhero? The completely ridiculous yet incredibly funny television show has now ended (Feedback won--all is right with the world!), so no more offhanded references to it (until the movie version of it comes around...). Of course, there are a couple of reality TV singing competitions coming up, so a few mentions of those may slip in here and there.
However, you will probably hear a good deal about McFly and Anthony Callea when they get ready to release their next albums, so be prepared for that (though I will try to keep it to a minimum and do more "formal" posts). Oddly, even though I've preordered them, my enthusiasm for Clay Aiken and Jesse McCartney's next albums has diminished; hopefully, they'll restore my faith and you'll also get to hear about those (both come out on September 19).

In further random news, Abby from Poptext has returned; I had just started reading her site when she took her sabbatical, but in the meantime I've caught up on it--that is writing, you all. If you haven't visited Poptext before, you definitely should.

The had-disappeared MySpace page of Billy Phillips, who I wrote about a little while ago, has returned! Visit it here, though he only has one song up now ("Only In My Dreams").

I mentioned Alex Vargas a few days ago and, though I was originally planning to wait to post this until I had a high quality version for you all, I've decided it's too good a song to hold onto any longer, below-average audio quality or not.

Diamonds In The Dirt--mid-tempo pop-rock with a piano, but that doesn't begin to get across the nature of this track. I might be crazy, but I think this has chart potential--at least, I hope it does. It's not the sort of track you're going to get all giggly and excited about (if you're ever the type to giggle), because it's more serious than that, but it's a bit moving and a bit sweeping and definitely more than a bit good. Writing inspiration is lacking tonight, so I'll just really recommend you listen to it.

As before, here is his MySpace and keep on the lookout for his EP, whenever it is released.

Up next: the three-day special on the only Turkish singer I know anything about--unless I decide to push it back a week.

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