Saturday, August 19, 2006

Don't try to tell me that I won't go far

Today I'm featuring someone who I would have referred to as a MySpace artist, but recently his MySpace page has disappeared from the face of the planet: Billy Phillips (who I found out about thanks to this site). From what I can remember, he's from the UK, in his teens (sixteen? seventeen?), and has been in two singing competitions (one in which he had to impersonate a famous singer and one which was a local version of Pop Idol). I snagged today's songs when they were free downloads from his MySpace page and I like them a lot--they're sweet, mildly pop-rock tunes--so hopefully the page's disappearance isn't a bad sign.

Bright White Lights--this might be the most uptempo out of today's songs, though it's still probably midtempo. It's an inspirational, overcoming-odds type of song--sort of like Alistair Griffin's "Bring It On" in sentiment, if not quite in sound (the backing instrumentation on Alistair's song is maybe more subdued and overall Alistair's is "boppier").

Girl Like You--another midtempo song, this time with a smoother and catchier sound. I think I might prefer the bridge to the chorus, but it's definitely a good song.

Only In My Dreams--you didn't really think we'd get through these without a ballad, did you? Ballads aren't my favorite thing, but every artist seems to feel inclined to do some. That said, this song might be tied for my favorite out of today's songs, so it's a pretty good ballad--simple and sweet (and, very importantly, not boring!). "Only In My Dreams" and "Girl Like You" are probably what I'd classify as "comfort songs"--not the sort you listen to when you want to dance or pump up your energy, but instead when you just want to curl up and listen to some music. That's not a bad thing at all--just a reflection of falling into a certain subgenre of pop.

I'm Flying Again--also balladish, also sweet.

Since, as far as I know, Billy has no albums to buy and I can no longer direct you to his MySpace account, the best I can do is point you to the South Coast Idol page (for a competition in which he took second), where you can find out about the contest and a bit about him.

Next up: I'm not totally sure--maybe a Russian song (in English)? Or something else entirely.


Daimn said...

Just a random note, but I absolutely loathe it when I get start liking an artist's music then come back to their page and find out it's dissapeared! lol it's just a pet peeve of mine..I always need to know what artists I like are up to.

Poster Girl said...

I know what you mean! It's bad enough wondering whether an artist is ever going to release a debut/new CD, but without any updates, you have no idea what they're doing or if you should forget and move on or about frustrating! ;)

billy phillips said...

hello this is billy phillips... i have been spending quite a while trying to contact you and this is the only way i could think to do it... i do apologise about my myspace dissapearing but it is back on full strength now and i have not quit at the industry at all, im still working hard and i really do appriciate all the hard work involved in writing about my career if you could get back to me that would be great and il give you my email... billy

Mervyn said...

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