Sunday, August 27, 2006

I like my girlfriends in short skirts with longer hair

I had intended to post about the Click Five today, but choosing the best of their songs was just too challenging a task; I'll probably write about them later, when I have a post more fully planned out--it'll probably stretch over a couple of days. As it is, though, I'm about to head out (my birthday today!), so here's a bit of an update on some artists.

Ben Adams, formerly of a1, continues to rotate songs on and off of his MySpace with remarkable frequency. His single, his B-sides, and his album sampler were all great, so I really hope he gets a chance to release his album. Many of the songs he's added, though, have been more low-key and balladish, not experimental and fun like his former music, so I'm worried about what the album will be like if it ever is released. Even more worrying: his official site no longer seems to exist (unless it's just my Internet being weird...). He'll get his own post later, so for now, no songs from him.

Another popstar whose official site, after not being updated for forever, has disappeared: Darius. I know he's not too popular among pop circles, but I love his music. Here's the third single from his first album, Dive In (which you can purchase here physically or here digitally); it's mid-tempo, acoustic-guitar pop that people would probably call "middle of the road," but it has so many little background effects and is so catchy that I can't help smiling when I hear it.

Incredible (What I Meant To Say)

You can now purchase Switch 22 songs! Go here to do so. I posted their "Electric Girl" earlier--good dark electro-pop--and that's still probably by favorite song of theirs, but here's another good one (low audio quality, sorry!) that isn't available for purchase.

The Day She Gave Up On Me

Alex Vargas (pop-rock) has a new set of songs up. Sadly, this means the excellent "Diamonds In The Dirt" can no longer be listened to, but keep on the lookout for his new EP--hopefully it'll be on that. Here's one of the songs that you can't hear anymore (low audio quality); "Diamonds In The Dirt" will probably appear here at some point in the future, but I'm hoping the EP will come out soon so you all can hear it in high quality.

All The Way

Jim Verraros has two unreleased songs on his MySpace. "Dirty Criminal" is a bit danceish and good; "You Make It Better," despite not being the dance style that I really like Jim doing (it's pop-rock), is good, too. When do we get another album? The amazing site Spark*Pop posted a remix of one of his songs a few months ago; I don't like to repost a song posted elsewhere so quickly, but I adore this remix; the only bad thing about it is that I don't want to listen to the original again after hearing this version! It's only three and a half minutes, but you'll be worn out by the end of it. Buy his album Rollercoaster physically here (no remixes) or go to iTunes for the remixes. More on Jim in the future.

You Turn It On (DJ Strobe Global Club Edit 2)

Next up: possibly rock-ish stuff with remixes.


POPtastic (Jessica) said...


Thanks for the little shout-out during the Clay Aiken's post. Your site is really good and I love many of the artists you had featured... and also learned about some new ones too.

I used to like A1 and was happy when Ben Adams went solo. Although, I didn't like his first single "Sorry" ... but hopefully his album will get release and that he wasn't dropped =/

Anyways, have a great birthday and take care.

- Jessica

humanclay said...

Happy Birthday from my corner of the globe as well

Poster Girl said...

Aww, thank you both! It was a great day :)

Poster Girl said...

I posted that comment while I was in a hurry this morning before class, so, in more depth:

thank you both! Jessica, I really do love your site--not only is it great-looking, it always has great music :) I did like "Sorry" but not "Destination Rendezvous," though some of the other album sampler songs--like "I Don't Wanna Stay" (really different from "Sorry")--were great. I'm not sure if I'd love every song on the album, but I'd like to get the chance to find out. Maybe it'll at least be a digital download some day, like Tyler James's was?

I hope you enjoyed the APA concert a while back, humanclay?

humanclay said...

APA was good...and last night i went and saw Teddy Geiger who pissed me off for being far too talented for a 17 year there will be more good shows to come...*crosses fingers*