Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Don't make this complicated

Hey all! Sorry about not posting last night--first, we lost power, but I managed to type this up (that's why it's on the short side--I was trying to finish it before my computer's battery died) and was almost ready to publish it when we lost our Internet connection. There will be another post tonight in addition to this, to get us back on schedule :)

Edit: oops, the dangers of trying to post very early in the morning--links for the songs are now added!

Antony Costa used to be a member of very successful British boyband Blue. Now, he's gone solo, competing to represent the UK at Eurovision and releasing one single so far, "Do You Ever Think Of Me." He's also released an album, Heart Full Of Soul, which is available in Japan and was either not released in the UK or didn't do very well there. His style is pop with what I suppose could be called "adult contemporary" or "MOR" influences, although I don't really like using that description since nowadays it seems to be code for "boring." I wasn't a huge fan of his single, but I was really impressed with the B-sides, which apparently also appear on the album. I don't think they would have been better single choices, but I do enjoy them more than "Do You Ever Think Of Me" (although that could just be because I prefer happier songs).

Shine Your Light--a mid-tempo song that beams (as you might expect from the title) happiness and rays of sunshine. It's simple, yes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, and by the end that seeming "simpleness" is deceptive, as there are several Anthonys singing (one doing the chorus lyrics, one "ooo"-ing, and one that sounds sort of distant, as if talking over a phone or radio). Never overwhelming or pressuring, it's the sort of song meant to be played as you step out of your house on a bright sunny day or accompanying a music video of people running through fields.

Learn To Love Again--also mid-tempo, though the instrumentation's pace picks up a little bit in the chorus. It doesn't have the sunshiney sound of "Shine Your Light," but it is meant to be inspirational--a "keep going, you'll make it" sort of song.

To buy Antony Costa's album Heart Full Of Soul, go here (physical) or, to get the B-sides, go here (digital).

Next up: maybe those rock-ish songs.

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