Sunday, October 26, 2008

I feel love

As other blogs have covered, Magnus Carlsson has a greatest hits album coming out. Much as I'd love a new album from him, begrudging him a hits collection is hard given the length of his career so far--I mean, Barbados to solo career to Alcazar to solo career has given him more than enough time to rack up a good number of singles. It's a two CD set (I feel like I'm on an informercial); if you want to see the tracklist, go here.

The most important thing for our purposes, though, is that he's now got another single coming out. It's called "Walking In My Shoes" and he's put a clip of it on his official website (for a direct link, click here). It's very disco and probably more than a bit Alcazar, down to going into a sample at the end of that clip (it's something very famous and it's going to be driving me crazy until someone tells me what it is); at the same time, I've been worried he's going to start moving into casually tossed off disco covers (in addition to the previously released "I Was Born This Way," the album features "Y.M.C.A.", though from the looks of it it's not new), so, uh, though I've got no problem with some disco amazingness, let's keep up with making modern day disco-type classics if we're going to go the full-on disco route (though samples are OK), please?

"Walking In My Shoes" comes out November 3, but it gets its first play on Rix FM this coming week, I think.


Anonymous said...

Take your pic:

The Jacksons Can You Feel It

Urban Discharge feat. She Wanna Drop a House (On That Bitch)

The Tamperer feat. Maya Feel It

Poster Girl said...

Anonymous, thank you! I can stop banging my head against the wall and playing the last few seconds of that clip over and over again now.

Aaron said...

Oh Goody! A New Single!!!

I do agree with you - Please don't make too many covers!

Myfizzypop said...

Oh my - a greatest hits already? I adore Magnus and will readily snap this up of course, but i thought his last album was spectacular and hoped he would have a new one out by now. Still his Christmas material is about to get a new bout of annual spins :)

I have a theory that if an X Factor contestant came out as gay live on the show and then sang I Was Born This Way they would win the competition hands down and have a massive pop career with uptempo disco numbers.

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad someone does, Aaron--he's got a great voice, but I'd rather have him being a vehicle for new great songs than songs we've already got great versions of.

I would've loved a new album too, Paul! Sigh. I'll take what I can get, though, and at least we're getting a single. I almost used one of the Christmas promo photos for this shoot--I know I am the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD, but I love those armwarmers. Anything that leads to a massive pop career with uptempo disco numbers is all right by me!