Monday, March 07, 2011

You could be all that you want

Sometimes, when you disappear from the Internet for a while, you miss things.

Big things. Important things. Like, say, the fact that DARIN IS RECORDING A NEW ALBUM WITH AWESOME PRODUCERS.

What finally clued me in to this fact was a tweet from him today saying he was recording with Anders Bagge (who has done so many songs that his discography quality varies) and Johan Kronlund. Even better news is that a month ago he apparently was recording with Niklas Bergwall (formerly of 2N, the production team behind Kate Ryan's hits) and LO-FI-FNK. Seriously, let's just repeat that: Darin is recording with Lo-Fi-FNK.

I'm sure this was covered on blogs a month ago, but since I only just found out now, I need to emphasize how awesome that is. Lo-Fi-Fnk are the kind of cool but pop-friendly electro pop duo that Sweden seemed to be producing every other day a few years ago, but they're one of the best. I've been eager for new material from them, but I had no idea they'd moved into producing for other people as well. Their version of "Want U" is probably a good indicator of their sound, though it's a little less boyish than Boylife, the album that preceded it. So you can hear that sound, I've embedded "Steppin' Out" from that album as well. Darin recording with them is the sort of slightly left-field but smart choice that reaffirms my faith in him as a popstar (not that it needed to be reaffirmed).

I'm so glad Darin had his big ballad moment. I love Tony Nilsson and I loved their work together; "You're Out Of My Life" was one of my favorite singles of last year and much of the Lovekiller album contained big, lovely, '80s-styled pop songs.

Still, it's time for something different and this news about his new album collaborators couldn't be more welcome. Lo-Fi-Fnk and Niklas Bergwall (definitely worth getting excited about in his own right--I enjoy almost everything he does and most of what he does is dancey pop) certainly indicate a change of direction. I literally don't think I could be more excited.


Anonymous said...

This is great news, i did enjoy his last album on the whole but it was far to ballad heavy for me.

The return of Electro-Pop Darin is great news, especially working with Lo-Fi-Fnk, an album along the lines of Tove Styrkes would be great.


Paul said...

amazing. very excited about this. I'm still convinced there is time for JLS or someone like that to dust off Can't Stop Love for the wedding of Katilliam next month :)

Poster Girl said...

Conor, if he'd dragged on the 90% ballads formula for another album, my patience probably would have started to be tested. Ooo, boy--the idea you bring up of a Tove Styrke-styled album is tantalizing!

Paul, now that's a good idea! Can't you make it happen? said...

So, I do not really consider it may have success.