Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Take me away

Swedish Stereo, Scandipop, and the Schlager Boys have already featured songs from this coming weekend's Dansk Melodi Grand Prix--Denmark's national final for Eurovision--but I have to throw in my two cents. Granted, there really is about two cents worth of comments here, but still: it sounds like it's shaping up to be a great set of songs.

I'm particularly impressed by just how poppy the songs are. Over the past few years, the Dansk MGP has been slowly but surely solidifying itself as one of the best national finals out there. This year continues that trend. Granted, we could be in for a bunch of great choruses and disappointing verses since all we've heard are clips, but I'm optimistic.

There are four songs I'd like to single out, in rough order of descending love:

Kat and Justin Hopkins, "Black and Blue": pumping pop production that reminds me of Bassflow behind an instantly catchy uptempo but downbeat chorus.

Le Freak, "25 Hours a Day": delightfully cheesy throwback schlager from Thomas G:son.

Lee Hutton, "Hollywood Girl": former member of the much-lamented pop group Industry singing an uptempo teen pop-style song with cheesy rave synths behind it.

Jenny Berggren, "Let Your Heart Be Mine": former Ace of Base member on a stompy electronic pop song.

Edit: Anne Noa's "Sleepless" is also quite lovely.

The Danish Melodi Grand Prix will be airing this Saturday. There should have a web stream for any international fans interested in watching it, but unfortunately, since it starts at 2:30 PM EST, it will conflict with Melodifestivalen.


Damian said...

Exactly my 5 faves of competition! So pity Jenny has song more for promoting her music in Denmark than for win in competition but it's just amazing for me. If I would forget about last year duet I'd say Kat & Justin sounds as winners. This year on Eurovision is really wrong, I don't see anything more or less strong except Norway and Ireland though it's already 15 songs chosen. Hope Denmark won't make mistake.

Poster Girl said...

Ah, you're kidding, Damian! Really? Well, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised :)

I have no real sense of acts'/songs' popularity in Denmark--so Jenny is doing it more for the local promo and doesn't really have a great shot at winning? That's too bad...I hope one of the other great songs does if she can't.

Yes, this is not looking to be a great Eurovision year, which is too bad. I was just listening to some of the 2006 album this morning and thinking about how strong it was. I hope things pick up from here!

Paul said...

Hurrah for Lee continuing. I'm sad that Industry folded :( Donal seems immersed in his world of cooking which is fine (his recipes are divine) but i do miss the potential they could have had...

Poster Girl said...

Yes, I'm glad its members are doing well and moving on with some success, but every now and then I'm reminded of what they as a group could have been. "My Baby's Waiting" promised so much...