Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm not gonna wait this time

As you may have read elsewhere, Norwegian electro-pop singer Margaret Berger--she of the amazing "Will You Remember Me Tomorrow," "Samantha," and "Robot Song"--is releasing her new single "In A Box" on February 21. Yes, after months, probably years of waiting, we'll have new Margaret music in just a few days.

As we wait for Monday, though, we can listen to a stripped-down performance of "In A Box," featuring just Margaret and a piano player, here. She also performed another new song, "4.E.V.E.R.L.O.V.E.", which is the b-side to "In A Box." Based on what we hear there, I'm just as excited to hear it as to hear the a-side.

(I had to switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer to get the videos to work. You'll also have to sit through an ad.)

Granted, the studio version probably (and hopefully) sounds quite different, but I've been excited for new Margaret material for so long that I'll take what I can get to help me survive the next few days. I'm also more nervous than I'd like to admit (when all the stars align, Margaret's music is nigh unbeatable, but I'm worried she may have wandered from the pop-friendly path that appeals most to me), so I'm being extra-clingy about any indication as to the sound of her new music.


Paul said...

she has very good female popstar hair. i don't comment on female popstar hair enough, because it's not really my thing. And she has lovely smooth armpits. None of this is related to the music which is very good :)

Poster Girl said...

Ha! I don't comment on female popstar hair enough either. Hers does look good there--I think it might have changed some by now, though, unfortunately.