Thursday, February 10, 2011

I sing all your favorite songs

By far the best thing to come out of Frankmusik's post-Complete Me output is "Stereo World." Based on the material he'd distributed on two free EPs, I was starting to get a bit worried. Sure, they were all free songs that presumably weren't good enough to make the cut for his upcoming second album, and sure, there were some interesting ideas scattered here and there, but nothing showed off the strong, engaging songwriting skills that were on full display in the vast majority of the demos before and songs on his first album.

The bright, initially frivolous-sounding love song "Stereo World" allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief. It's got the bounce, charm, heart, and melody that, in addition to all his great production tricks, make him such a welcome force on the pop scene, that make it worth setting aside his personal stumbles to get to the music on the other side.

"Stereo Love" is available as a free download on Frankmusik's website.


xolondon said...

[waves!] I agree. This and Warrior are really the only new songs I like. I detest the single, seriously hate it.

Poster Girl said...

Hey, XO! I'm on the same page in regard to the single, which is a shame considering the number of great album tracks on Complete Me (though obviously it was time to move on from that project). "The Fear Inside" just sounds...abrasive and kind of tuneless.

Damian said...

Isn't it too good for free download? O_O
Though more I was shocked from incredible "Hurt You Again", it's such an epic stuff I didn't expect from him but it's soooo impressive sort of epic electro-tracks leaving me just speechless like Clare Maguire's The Last Dance.

Poster Girl said...

I do love it when his does his epic-electo-ballads-with-a-pulse thing. He writes them well and, though you might not guess it from the hyperactive, über-produced sound of his faster songs, sings them well, too.