Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Darkness can't get me to sleep yet

What's on my playlist at the moment?

Alex Gaudino, "I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)" (as featured on Xenomania News and Popjustice)
An uplifting pop-dance track with an instrumental from Italian dance producer Alex Gaudino, topline from former Xenomania member Tim Powell, and vocals from young American singer and former Xenomania development project Maxine, "I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)" soars straight into summer anthem status.

Sky Ferreira, "Obsession"
Previously recorded but unreleased by Adam Lambert, the Ryan Tedder-penned "Obsession" is Sky's American debut single. In contrast to the pure electro-pop sound of her UK debut, "One," "Obsession" is an electro-glam shoutalong which finds a throaty-sounding Sky demanding her love interest's full attention. The middle eight's "ain't nothing wrong with OCD/long as it's for me, long as it's for me" might be the earworm that burrows itself furthest into your brain, but the hooks elsewhere do a more than adequate job.

Usher feat. Jay-Z, "Hot Tottie"
It feels like cheating on Max Martin to confess that the song from Usher's new Versus EP that has drawn most of my attention is the Ester Dean-penned "Hot Tottie," but the vaguely exotic-sounding electro-hip-hop come-on is my favorite thing Usher has done since Confessions (unless you count the "pow pow pow" line in "OMG").

Sirens, "Stilletos" (as featured on Don't Stop The Pop)
Though they've been around since 2003, the new single "Stilettos" is the first time I've paid attention to thus far hit-free British girl group Sirens. The synths here surround you in a perfect mix of gentle and sharp, but I'm at a loss to explain why this song works just so well for me--suffice to say, it does.

Katy B, "Louder" (as featured on Karinski)
British singer Katy's current single "Katy On A Mission" may be riding high in the UK midweeks at the moment, but it's "Louder," a late-night dubstep track, that I prefer.

One Night Only, "Say You Don't Want It" (as featured on #1 Hits From Another Planet)
Pop-rock with a big singalong chorus and hints of electro influence? Yes please.

Armin van Buuren vs. Sophie Elllis-Bextor, "Not Giving Up On Love"
The collaboration between Dutch trance producer Armin and British singer Sophie is another song channeling that late summer feel, mixing uplift and melancholy, but can you ever really have enough songs in that vein? Not when they shimmer like this one.


Paul said...

not really spent a lot of time with ANY of the other tracks (though I'm rectifying that) but I do adore the Sophie collaboration. So delightful. I fear for her album. it really must get released soon :/

Damian said...

"I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)" is amazing track, don't have idea who is Maxine but with a proper label push this girl could achieve a lot. Oh doesn't she look like brunette Petra Marklund???

Never would think Obsession is Tedder's track. Pity that Adam didn't take it at least as b-side I can imagine him singing this song.

Sirens' are a bit too Gaga but I don't care till the stuff is deserving and it's really worthy.

One Night Only feels like something I absolutely can love, need to spend a little bit more time on them, very beautiful and special music.

Sophie is fantastic as always, why did she start her solo-career only now? She has missed so much years that she could fill with her dance-anthems.

MR. WILL-W. said...

So nice to read your posts! I love Alex Gaudino. Have yet to check out the new track everyone's going on about...

I have tried absorbing Sky, it's just her voice .. it takes a bit of getting used to...

Mike said...

Lovely choices. I'm seriously into Sky and love the new SEB track. Will go and check out the others now!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I barely even dare to dream any more :-/

Damian, I really hope we hear more from her (preferably taking cues from this style)! She sounds wonderful here. You know, now that you say it...she kind of does! I wish we'd hear Adam's version of the song in some way, too. I'm a little confused about your comment in regards to Sophie, though--what do you mean? It does seem like it's been a long time since her last album.

Will, her voice is certainly...unusual here. The first few songs we heard from this project were underwhelming given all the hype and the people she'd worked with, but the two proper singles aren't bad. Lovely to hear from you!

Thanks, Mike! Those are two great songs, for sure.

Damian said...

What a shame! I forgot about "Trip the Light Fantastic" and didn't know about her previous albums at all considering "Murder on the Dancefloor" as another collaboration with Spiller or some other dance act.

Anonymous said...

I love Katy B and the Alex Gaudino/Maxine song. The Sky song is growing on me too as all her songs usually do.