Thursday, July 08, 2010

Du vet att kärleken väljer som den vill

Do you ever have one of those days where it just seems like there's no song that fits as a feature, none that has that intangible X factor that somehow combines quality, lack of Internet saturation, and something you can add to the discussion about it? Today was one of those days for me.

As a result, let's just listen to four Swedish girls sing the best song from their album that hasn't been a single yet.

That was Timoteij with "Vild," the happy, slightly Irish but über-poppy second track from their debut album, released this spring. If you enjoyed it, I'd also recommend the current single "Högt över ängarna"--as pure pop a song as you'll hear this year (it's like the A*Teens never left...but lost their two boys)--and their debut single and Melodifestival entry "Kom"--which sounds like it's for six-year-olds (that's not an insult!) but is all about how important hook ups are in the summer.

You can buy Timoteij's debut album, Längtan, here (physical) or here (digital).


Damian said...

It makes me a bit nostalgic about past Spring, girls turned to be not only incredibly sweet in a real life but what became surprise they are so tall! I'm 1,96cm myself, but they look on photos not too lower than me and approximately height of my friends who are around 1,80-1,85cm.

Poster Girl said...

Are they really? They all could be models! I have a skewed perspective of what's "tall" and what's "normal," though, due to my family--you'd fit right in ;)

Damian said...

This is fantastic, everyone in my family is not more than 1,80 so you should adopt me sometimes PG :)