Saturday, June 05, 2010

I see your strategy

As hoped, Darin performed a few songs from his new album last night. Since we've heard bits of "Drowning" and "Only You Can Save Me" before, the song of note is "Lovekiller," his new single. Listen to some it it below. Thanks go out to the person who recorded it.

Of note: it's a ballad. Much as I'm eager to hear a new uptempo Darin song (partly because it's been so long and partly to reassure myself as to the album having another side), ballads seem to be what sells for him these days, so I can understand the choice. I like the obviously previously recorded backing vocals, and I'm saying that sincerely; it's a great production touch. I'm still eager to hear the studio version--after all, I was just saying I wanted more songs like "Out Of My Life"--though I'll understand if this dampens the excitement for some people.


Mel said...

I'm so happy you properly introduced me to him...but I agree on the uptempo note. Even midtempo. I loved EVERY BIT of his last album...I want more of that.

Damian said...

Oh Lovekiller sounds more than promising, Darin can sound amazing in ballads but I wasn't keen on ballads from last album, hope new album will compensate it by some brilliant ones.
First time I've heard about Tony Nilsson making new Darin's album I was incredibly happy but after all of MF-faves have failed with his... not so great as it was expected stuff I'm not 100% confident it will be absolutely fantastic.

Paul said...

i love the sound of this, I can't wait to hear a studio version :) The only thing I'm down about is that he is still wearing that horrible jacket :/ Ah well!

Poster Girl said...

Mel, I will NEVER get tired of hearing people say things like that. That album deserved better than it got, both in its home country and abroad.

Damian, I'm very hit and miss on Darin's ballads, but he seems to be settling into a style for them that I enjoy. I know what you mean about Tony--I'll still check out his work, but I'm past the point where I feel I can count on it to be great. I guess that's what happens with all songwriters, though--you become successful enough that people, wanting the name, are willing to buy even your "lesser work." I really like the build up to the chorus here and, as I mentioned, the backing vocals in the chorus, but I'll have to wait to see how much impact the chorus proper has.

Paul, YES on all counts in regards to your reaction to that jacket. Those promo pictures he's got up on stage behind him aren't exactly his greatest, either.

Aaron said...

Oh...I actually really rather like the Jacket :P

As for the new album, I think Flashback is amazing, simply because Dance/Pop/R'n'B - By definition uptempo - is his forte. Flashback was brilliant, and deserved to be HUGE - I personally don't understand why it wasn't....So I'm a bit wary about the album, if it's only ballads, but fingers crossed!

Poster Girl said...

He's one of the male popstars who I think is able of vocally convincingly pulling off that type of music, which is why, like you, I'm so eager to hear him make more of it. I know he's mentioned an uptempo song at least once, so thankfully it shouldn't be some sort of all ballad concept album.