Monday, June 21, 2010

Bring it right back now

Who is Emil?

I have no idea, and it's been driving me crazy for months. There's no quicker way to get me to waste time than to give me just a drop of information and then force me to scour the Internet for more with only minimal results, not because there's some sort of deliberate disguising or misrepresentation of what's going on but just because the promo information hasn't been sent out yet.

Here's what I've got: soon-to-be-launched young British singer. That's him providing vocals (albeit very chopped up vocals) for dance act Ocelot's latest single "Beating Hearts."

Most intriguingly, he's had songs written for him by Fred Ball (Pleasure) and Hannah Robinson. One is called "Yet To Come" (penned by Ball, Robinson, and Ball's collaborator Kwame Ogoo) and one might be called "If I Was A Girl." Considering we're probably not going to hear those Girls Can't Catch songs he did, I'm more than ready for some more Fred Ball, and talented Hannah Robinson is as close to a sure sign of quality as you'll find in music.

Apparently Emil is signed to B-Unique and used to be represented by Grand Management Group, but I'm not sure if that exists any longer. He has no MySpace or official site yet, so I don't even have a picture for you.

Subba Cultcha has done a few blurbs about him--"Like Lenny Kravitz, but COOLER, BETTER, YOUNGER and SMOOTHER" (the Lenny reference does make me a bit nervous, truth be told), "the charm and coy intrigue of an English gent with an urban chic image, and the talent way, way beyond his years"--but that's about the only place I know of that's provided anything remotely approaching real information.

Does anyone else know more? Truth be told, it's the songwriters that first caught my attention, but regardless, I'm now interested.

Edit: I forgot to mention that some remixes of his songs are on MySpace. Gan Juan's remix of "Empty Generation" is here and Maison Deluxe's remix of the same song is here.


Damian said...

It feels like I didn't meet such nice mainstream disco-club mix with a Kylie+The Attic atmosphere for ages, very pleasant and a little bit nostalgic discovery :)

Poster Girl said...

The Attic! When are we finally going to get "Radiate" (or whatever they decide to release as a single)?

Anyway, back on subject: I'm glad you liked it! It's definitely a lot of fun.

Damian said...

It feels like chemistry happens all the time in The Attic's laboratory these days and we'll get something very soon but they don't say anything about some exact days :( Their last re-edition of album was pure pop-classics.

Poster Girl said...

Absolutely. One of the must-own Swedish albums I rush to recommend to people. You're right, though--it does feel like they're working on something and with a little patience we'll have something great...