Sunday, May 23, 2010

See, what you're bringing me, boy, is priceless

The inevitable counterpart to the post below? The songs that I've fallen for in the past few days. I'm still very behind--especially when it comes to (gasp!) Eurovision (which I get the impression isn't too impressive this year)--so all recommendations welcomed and appreciated.

Kylie Minogue, "All The Lovers"

I needed this song last week. Needed it. Still, it's not even June yet, right? Lots of time to enjoy Kylie's return.

Orup, "Tiden bara gick"

Artist and songwriter Orup has been a staple of the Swedish music scene since the '80s, though the overlapping area on the Venn diagram of his own output and the music I prefer is small enough that I can't say I'm a devotee of his, though Lena Philipsson's 2004 album Det gör ont en stund på natten men inget på dan, which he composed and which Anders Hansson produced, is one of the best albums to come out of Sweden in the '00s. He's more in the "respect and cherrypick" category. His new single, "Tiden bara gick," is very much worth picking: he's thankfully set aside the '60s sound he's been pursuing as part of a touring duo with Lena in favor of something that reminds me of the Killers' "Human" or the Bassflow remix of Martin Stenmarck's "Sjumilakliv." It's co-written with Johan Kinde, a member of '80s duo Lustans Lakejer, and like the aforementioned songs, it has that propulsive, vaguely '80s beat behind its grown-up melody. We're not talking campy Swedish disco-pop here, but "Tiden bara gick" is substantive radio pop that deserves crossover success.

Style, "Love Killer"

I'm operating on less than twenty-four hours of exposure to this new single from the Swedish dance-pop duo who mounted a comeback with "Vill ha dig igen" last year, so what I really think of it won't be apparent for a little while yet. Whether or not the opening of the chorus melody is strong enough remains to be seen, but how can you not want to listen to a song that sounds like old school Roxette with a debt to the '60s hit "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow"?

Alexis Jordan, "Happiness"

A Deadmau5-sampling song that in no way sounds like it's coming from an American act, let alone one from America's Got Talent, "Happiness" is one of those songs I listened to on YouTube once or twice in the past few months, brushed off, and then suddenly found myself having to own. Dance, pop, and R&B meshed into a gentle, luscious love song, with a sweet "mmm" hook that dives straight into your brain.

Example, "Kickstarts"

Could British rapper-turned-popstar Example's album just come out already? Third single and third top-quality, dreamy, summer-ready song.

Katharine McPhee feat. Zachary Levi, "Terrified"

(Yes, that Zachary Levi. Who knew?)

Technically pre-trip, this song is one that shouldn't be anywhere near this list. It's co-written by the man largely responsible for Colbie Caillat's "Bubbly," which I hate. It'd be one thing if this song was totally different, but nope, it's quite apparent on even a casual listen that it shares DNA with "Bubbly." Why, then, do I find "Terrified" so slowly, gently, creepingly endearing?

Also getting some play from me: Natasha Bedingfield's "Touch" (flawed but still drawing me back to it), Kids in Glass House's "Undercover Lover" (quiet but not slow pop-punk from the UK that could easily be from any number of random American groups but yet which I find catchy enough to win me over), Paolo Meneguzzi's "Imprevidibile" (also less than a day of exposure to this, but Paolo is a class act whose output is usually reliably of quality, and even with this somewhat more electro makeover, I have no reason to think this song with prove to be anything else), Alex Gardner's "Yesterday's News" (yes, I know, not new, but I only finally heard it), Sunday Girl's "Four Floors," that Bright Light Bright Light song, the Quentin Mosimann album (old news, but I've never written anything here since someone suggested it in the comments--I've forgotten who, but thank you!), a couple of Jenni Vartiainen songs (of which more will need to be written), maybe the new M.I.A. and Drake singles, Ola Joyce's "Beautiful Loser." Maybe a few Eric Saade songs, but though I know I should love him, I'm still not 100% sold on something about him yet--his voice, I think. He's got songwriters I love backing him, though.

Also, Janelle Monáe and Kelis albums: yay or nay? Worth buying?


John said...

First off, I'm with you on Eric Saade. Just not feelin' it, even though people I truly respect claim it should be a home run.

I heard the Alexis track recently on Mike's blog in remix form, and didn't care for it. Now that I've heard the original, I'm on board. And leave it to you within two posts back to touch me deeply with "Terrified". The difference between this and "Bubbly" is 1) Katherine actually shows emotion when she sings, 2) the hook soars here, where "Bubbly" just lingers, and 3) the video actually enhances the track. I think I'm on my sixth listen in a row.

Aaron said...

Kylie? Example? Katharine McPhee????


Massive fans of all three, need to get these albums soon!

Paul said...

More comments on your comments! So sad that you are not quite feeling Eric Saade yet. I've become besotted! I love the album so very much! But it's ok - i've yet to warm to lady gaga or robyn very much!

BLBL - new word to say is delightful, but his first single proper Love Part II is a blooming slam dunk of an amazing track. Quentin Mosimann I adore - Gimme A break is top drawer pop :) Ola Joyce I'm also enjoying - Dressing Like A Law School Kid is utterly epic!

Did you know (i'm sure you did) Sergey lazarev is back? Fairly generic sounding Lady Gaga'esque album but i'm enjoying - Alarm has grown on me exponentially since the video was released.

Oh and from Eurovision - Josh Dubovie is pure cheese, like an unreleased One True Voice single; Chanee & N'Evergreen are like a Same Difference reunion tour song. Oh! And Same Difference have returned with a brilliantly titled song (see Popjustice home page!)

Poster Girl said...

John, all good points that articulate points I don't know that I could have pinpointed on my own. "Touching" is just the right word for this song, one which I'm so glad to hear you're responding to as well!

Aaron, hi! Solidly on board with you re: the first two and, though I like Katharine, I'll need to hear a bit more before I commit to the full album. I hope this single stirs up some AM radio success for her (for lack of a better expression), though, even if I'm not expecting it.

Paul, I haven't heard it ("Love Part II") and am now excited to do so! I had no idea about Sergey (until your blog, anyway)--he is likeable, so I can imagine how that could help an album that might not have quite the spark of some others. The Same Difference title IS great (you have to love titles like that); hopefully I'll love the song on hearing the full thing, but right now "Souled Out" is still beating it for me.

Mike said...

Welcome back, sweetheart.

Love for Alexis and Kylie makes me a very happy boy!

Poster Girl said...

Thank you, Mike! Really. If they were the sound of summer, I'd be equally happy.