Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Õnnest on loodud see

Via the always awesome Len comes what might just be my new favorite song of the Eurovision national final season so far.

It's like someone laid a gentle dance beat over a classical--albeit vaguely folky--string track and then had Rolf Junior, of 2008's Eurolaul entry "One On One," 2009's Eesti Laul entry "Freedom," and the fantastic 2008 singles "Ingel" and "Liiga Noor," sing this great pop melody over the top of it. This unexpected combination of styles avoids the pitfall of being too saccharine, but the end result is maybe the single most beautiful, joyous piece of music I've heard this year.

Estonia has yet to decide on its Eurovision entry this year, so whether or not you'll be hearing "Maagiline paev" ("Magical Day") in Oslo in May is unclear. If it is selected, I kind of selfishly hope it remains in Estonian; the sound of the language fits perfectly with the music and, maybe even more importantly, what the words actually mean could probably never live up to what I imagine them to mean, to the sheer exuberance and beauty of the song itself.

Rolf is basically getting better with each song he's involved in. At this rate, he's going to be releasing the best song ever made in five years. Let's just make sure we also keep going in the right styling direction, OK?


Harrow said...

YAY! Someone else who loves Rolf Junior! His last album was immense!
He's not gonna win though, Lenna (ex-Vanilla Ninja lead singer) already has it tied up.

Len said...

I think I need to add that parenthetical "always awesome" to my name permanently. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


kevin (ru) said...

Hi dear, I was in top 10 lyricists chosen by Rolf for his another ESC entry this year. Could not proceed further as I'm not Estonian, what a pity...

Now we're submitting a song with Alexandra (Sasha) Zakharik who finished 4th last year in Belarus. I wrote the lyrics for her "Isabella Fortune Tella", check this out, hope you'll like it!
Miss your posts much.

Nick said...

Where have you gone?!? :(

オテモヤン said...


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sara said...

he looks stunning, love his songs, some awesome sound he got there

Mr. Will-W. said...

omg where r u ??? and why are people writing chinese on your comments section?!? :p