Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The beats are gonna drop tonight

Vita Chambers' "Young Money" is one of those songs I may have a fling with and then quickly move on with little more than one or two glances back, but it's currently on medium rotation in my iPod. Vita is one of those acts who probably seems like she's been around longer than she has, via releasing songs like "Like Boom" to blogs for free download. Though "Like Boom" wasn't entirely unmemorable, "Young Money" is the first time I've been forced to think of her as anything other than "one of those random Internet promotion acts."

"Young Money" reminds me of Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad," though it's not as infectious as that deserved hit. Still, a shouty, chanty chorus that sounds designed to be sung to a stadium full of people helps ensure the song gets stuck in your head. Vita's cute, fresh-faced look and matching voice mean the song doesn't come across as the ostentatious celebration of rolling in cash its lyricists seem to have been (inadvisedly) aiming for--it ends up seeming more like some sort of empowerment anthem. Unless I'm forgetting something, we haven't really had a female-voiced answer to songs like "Good Girls Go Bad" and "Love Drunk" in the U.S.; Vita may be premature in singing about having money, but "Young Money" is enough fun to make me hope she manages to beat the odds and put at least a small dent in the U.S. charts.

Vita Chambers' proper debut single, "Young Money," can be purchased by Americans on Amazon or iTunes.

(The Beat Review has also recently featured this song.)


D'luv said...

Hey, singing about fame and money worked for Lady Gaga, so surely it'll work for Vita, too, right? Anyone?

And, oh, wicked Posted Girl...there's such a long trail of songs you've had flings with and never looked back at.

Paul said...

hahahaha how do you top that comment from mr d'luv?! :P Anyway, i quite like the song - but am also pleased there are people who rediscover songs after they have sort of dismissed/forgotten about them. As you know, i've completely forgotten I liked songs several weeks after hearing them -or can't remember they exist at all! I think i have some rare form of musicaldementia :/ !!

Mr. Will-W. said...

I keep hearing about her and honestly thought she was a hardcore rapper! :p
Happy Holidays Poster Girl! xo

Peter said...

Happy New Year, Katie!

Peter (who promise to produce some good songs for you to write about)

D'luv said...

Happy New Year, Schlagerbebis!

Mr. Will-W. said...

Happy New Year love! You've been quiet. x

Mel said...

Happy New Year! :) I miss seeing your new posts! Here's to a happy 2010!