Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Avec ma meilleure amie on dit Jack Kerouac, Bridget Jones

I was sitting here--well, more accurately, lying in bed, unable to sleep, and the thought popped into my head: has anyone in France--or for that matter anywhere--produced a song as weightlessly gorgeous as the one below this year?

There are different types of cosmic pop--some are cool and a bit aloof, like Annie's "Songs Remind Me Of You," and others, like Nolwenn Leroy's 2006 single "Nolwenn Ohwo!" are joyously, vibrantly, triumphantly warm and alive. Both types can be fantastic, but we don't hear nearly enough songs of the latter kind.

Nolwenn's new, much more folky third album, Le Cheshire cat & moi, featuring collaboration with Teitur, hit digital retailers this week and I've yet to listen to more than clips, but sadly, I don't know that it contains a song I'll love as much as this one. I could have sworn I read months, maybe a year ago (before the tracklisting was set, at any rate) that Nolwenn had done a song with Guy Sigsworth, but I can't seem to find confirmation of that anywhere online. Whether I imagined that or not, though, I'd love to hear the fruit of such a collaboration.

See also: Nolwenn covering "Running Up That Hill" live


EuropeCrazy said...

Didn't realise it had been three years since "Nolwenn Ohwo!" I'd forgotten just how much I liked that song. That was when she was working with Laurent Voulzy (legendary French pop singer songwriter who goes back many years) and his musical influence is all over that song. I'll need to have a listen to the new album too.

Poster Girl said...

It's so funny you mentioned Laurent--I didn't know who the songwriters were until writing up this post, when I realized I really wanted to know and went to look it up. He's someone whose own material I should maybe investigate.