Thursday, November 05, 2009

Take you away from here

I've fallen into a bad habit recently of starting these long, involved posts and then never finishing them, leaving them lost in the cobweb filled word of "Drafts" for who knows how long, and then rushing out a quick one or two sentence description of each song I'm loving at the moment (though strangely my last rambly long post got finished in one sitting). It's certainly not for lack of good music to write about--it's more a matter of songs that I love so much that I really want to do them justice or multi-part issues or explorations of subjects that cry out for a little more effort and my seeming ADDish inability to finish them.

I'll try to hit that middle ground sweet spot more often, though, because I need an outlet to talk about how much I'm enjoying Martin Stenmarck's new album, how excited I am about the new Adam Lambert album (I have apparently listened to each of the 30 second clips--well, except "Time For Miracles"--fourteen times on my iPod alone), how lovely the Sugababes' "Wait For You" is, how much bounce Anna Abreu's "Music Everywhere" puts in my step, or how hard I fell for Blake Lewis's "Left My Baby For You" (I've said before how much I love "Heartbreak On Vinyl," and that still holds true as well).

In the meantime, there are a couple of projects based around the end of the decade that are worth your reading time: Chart Rigger's 40 best pop songs of the '00s and XO's year-by-year review of the '00s. It's really easy to get caught up in the excitement of now and songs that you instantly love are a hugely important part of pop; having spent all Friday a week ago with that adrenaline rush you get from loving, really loving a new song, I'm certainly not going to knock the appeal of the here-and-now. A bit of distance, though, can sometimes make for a better, more insightful read and can take you back to some pretty special songs (and memories, even if the songs no longer hold the power for you now that they did then).


John said...

Life has been crazy here, and I can relate to not quite getting through the entries you want to put out there. As far as I'm concerned, any wait is worth it for a new PG entry!

Nick said...

Glad to hear you are excited about the Adam Lambert album. Those clips sound so freaking epic. It's like something I'd expect to come out of Sweden. Never thought an AI contestant would deliver something like this.
Oh, and we are totally on the same page with Blake Lewis!

Paul said...

Totally agree with the Blake and Sugababes track loving. I'd much rather those were the next singles. Such lovely tracks.

And the retrospectives - I wish I had the patience and energy to do one. They are such a fun read!

D'luv said...

Thanks, PG! Trust me, I had this one 'throwback' entry I'd been wanting to do since late August, but I haven't had the three hours it would take to scan tragic old pics of me and to write the damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the new 'Vanessa Amorosi' album yet? its actually one of the BEST albums of the year so far.
'Blow Me Baby' and 'Hazardous' along with 'Off On My Kiss' are the best songs for many months

The full version of Jennifer Paige & Nick Carter Beautiful Lie is AMAZING to, especially the pure poptastic bit before the last chorus


Poster Girl said...

John, that's very sweet--thank you! The same is true for PMN.

It's what I hoped we get but didn't actually think we would! It seems really solid--not just that, exciting--and well-sequenced, which is welcome from any debut album but particularly for an Idol alum.

Paul, you've done a great job at doing them in the past, particularly when you focus on albums that meant a lot to you at various points in your life. I agree, though; they've maybe the sort of post I love most.

Robbie, you know, you have to find the pictures and orient them on the scanner the right way and then press the scan button and--well, it's all just so much work even before you get to the writing!

Conor, I'm so glad to hear you say that! It's an album I really need to write about here. Much as I love her work here with MachoPsycho, I also love the idea someone on the PJ forums had (can't remember who) about her as Mutt Lange's next muse to musically replace Shania. You are spot-on about "Beautiful Lie"--TOTALLY the best part of the (great in general) song.