Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Izdaju me koljena a nisam se zaljubila

I stop following Croatian singer Franka Batelić for a few months, and what does she go and do?

Only continue proving herself to be one of the best popstar projects going. Her team is doing a fantastic job of matching her up with the right music, provided here by the same people as those behind "Ruža u kamenu" (as well as her entry this year in Croatia's national finals for Eurovision, "Pjesma za kraj"). That poppy electro-disco beat, that chorus melody--I would have been sold even without the "ooo bop bop bop" backing vocals. I once jokingly said I wished someone would match Franka up with Xenomania, but even if that were financially and logistically possible, she doesn't need it, not as long as she can keep getting songs from Boris Đurđević (member of dance group Colonia and fantastic songwriter), Miro Buljan, and Nenad Ninčević.

"Možda volim te" "Ruža u kamenu," and "Pjesma za kraj" show just as much songwriting skill as anything any of the British, Swedish, American, or otherwhere-based songwriters I and the Internet go on and on about--I just wish more people would appreciate it.


Paul said...

i love it when popstars sort of pop out of nowhere with something quite marvelous. I really like Možda - keep replaying the youtube video!!

Rick said...

Thanks for making me aware of this - it is really good. Shame the boys are such chavs though.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, there's nothing to rival it for the rush it gives.

Rick, I think the song is even better than the video, though Franka has some good moments in it. What, the trucker hat + sunglasses combo isn't working for you?