Thursday, October 08, 2009

Feel what I feel

Addendum to the Swedish music update: Magnus Carlsson news.

The Christmas album the former Alcazar and Barbados singer is releasing has turned out to be a repackaging of his two previous Christmas albums to tie in with his Christmas tour, but he promises it will have new bonus material. That includes a new single, "Änglarnas tid," which will have five songs on it. He's finished most of the work on Pop Galaxy, his upcoming pop album. He says he's got a new single coming out in a few months which is '80s-styled; I'm guessing that's from Pop Galaxy and not the Christmas album, though I suppose the aforementioned Christmas single could be '80s-sounding.

Addendum 2: Melodifestivalen.

With the addition of an entry chosen via Internet vote, the chance to hear one of this year's Melodifestival entries begins next Wednesday, when 175 newly submitted entries by writers who are not established in the Swedish music industry will be made public for voting on the official Melodifestival website. (h/t ESC Today)


Paul said...

A Christmas tour. Tragically my sweden visit didn't pan out this year but maybe I can persuade le daz of the pants to reconsider. At the very least he will have to buy me that album!!

Poster Girl said...

I would TOTALLY go if I was there. Of course, if I was back in Sweden I like to imagine I'd be going to loads of shows, some significantly less cool than others. I wonder if the single will at least be sold separately (as an option).