Monday, September 07, 2009

Overload all my senses

Some of the great things about how music-filled the Internet has become are the insight we get into songs while they're still being prepared for recording or release and the proliferation of new songs from across the globe that we might never otherwise have heard of.

Of course, this comes with frustrations, too. One of the ones that drives me the most crazy is hearing a fantastic song and not knowing who sings it, a danger that comes up frequently when you follow songwriters but that also comes up often when supposed demos for big artists are leaked; think Eva Simons's "Silly Boy," for example.

The song currently driving me crazy in this way is below.

Internet land has alternately referred to this song as being called "Exit (Give Me A Heart Attack" by an unknown singer and "Exit" sung by David Jassy and produced by Twin. I could believe that David and the duo from Twin created the song (which I think appeared on the Internet in 2008), but from the few times I've been exposed to David's voice--mainly on raps, to be fair (see: Darin's "Karma," an inappropriate song title given the event David Jassy has received press for)--I really don't think it's him singing. What I do know is this: I LOVE it. It's a fantastic catchy example of the R&B meets Europop sound popular at the moment, with the added advantage of having strings. The singer's voice--male and R&B-pop-sounding--suits the song to a T...I just don't know who he is.

While we're on the subject of David Jassy, I have to mention a piece of news Damian clued me into: a previously unheard Darin song has leaked. Club-friendly "Pop That" is the most R&B (maybe most American? Not quite what I mean, but I can't figure out how to put what I mean into words) we've heard Darin sound, though it's still synthesizer-filled, and comes from the studios of David and Ilya, who have worked with him before. That fact means I don't know where this song fits in chronologically--it's being billed as new, and it could be, but I just don't know if that's the case (and I don't know how much new song creation David Jassy has been doing...but this is somewhat of a new sound for Darin, so that fits with the "new song" idea).


Paul said...

If you sing "baggy top jeans and the boobs with the fur" (or whatever the 'Low' lyrics are!) over the first few seconds there is absolutely no difference. Neither are there many differences from that song in the verse. But the chorus brings the song alive for me and I quite like it (even if it is incredibly vaguely reminiscent of Paparazzi in that chorus). So I like it I think over all but am not blown away by it...

(all based on the Darin version)

Damian said...

Sleeve of the single has appeared in Internet but I still don't believe it's supposed to be the first single as people say about it in Internet. Darin writes on his page that Karma will be next single and that he's made some cover for programme on TV4.

Damian said...

First Amy's song that I just LOVE since first edition of "Music In Motion".

Poster Girl said...

Oh, Paul, I love those lyrics in "Low." So ridiculous, and yet (or because of that) so perfect for singing along with. I do think songs tend to benefit greatly from Darin's voice--he's got a great one.

Yup, Damian, I'll believe it when we hear something official! Yay for new Amy! Good direction for her. When is this single out--do you know? I'll probably buying that album, though, so at least we know when that is.

Anonymous said...

Here is David Jassy's blog