Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, please, there's no competition

Linda Sundblad's latest single, "2 All My Girls," pulls off the surprising feat of being both more electro-pop and more pop-rock than her last solo outing, 2006's Oh My God! (exclamation point hers). Parts of the song could almost be Lambretta, albeit a tamed version, but those electro bleeps of the verse mark the song out as different territory; you can hear there that the same person who co-wrote Elin Lanto's "Speak 'n Spell" is doing this song. The kicky '80s beat is more Kim Wilde than hard rock. In fact, '90s-styled though the music video may be, "2 All My Girls" keeps up Linda's love of the '80s. This time out, though, her girlish voice coos less--though that girlishness brings an added level of snide to her "yeah, yeah" brush-off--and enters pop-rock anthem territory more...while never actually fully giving itself over to rock. The guitars are kept in check here, used to build the sound but not to drown everything else out. Nick said the song has a "schizo-melody," and he's right, with every part having its own hook, usually multiple.

There's no suble loss like "Lose You," no pure pop joyous release like "Cheat" or "Back In Time," but man, "2 All My Girls" is a heck of a lot of fun. Some people are just born with the attitude to be a popstar*--Linda's got it--and "2 All My Girls"'s songwriters and producers have fine-tuned this song into just enough control to make it pop but with the same explosive release you get from the best rock songs...or the best schlager songs, for that matter, with its great keychange and ad libs as the song moves towards its end. The end result? A killer electro-pop-meets-pop-rock song--which adds up to double the pop appeal.

To buy Linda Sundblad's new single, "2 All My Girls," go here (digital). The song will only be posted for a short time since it's a new single.

*Even if her styling wouldn't always let you know it.


Paul said...

Love love love this song! I can't formulate words right now, will return later :P (This is the excitement i was talking about that's lacking in the Kris Allen song!)

Alexander said...

I did my duty and bought the track!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the same guy that co-wrote and produced that Elin Lanto song, produced this smash. I think he also did Cyndi Laupers "Echo" and "Into the nightlife". His producer name is Kermit I think.


Poster Girl said...

I'm glad of it, Paul! :D I do know what you mean about lacking excitement--hearing the full version of Kris's song, his voice doesn't work as well as I thought and hoped.

Me, too, Alex! I hope others will as well.

Tom, was he (yup, you're right--Kermit) definitely involved in this? I didn't want to say so without knowing for sure, but I really thought the verses reminded me of him. Thanks for letting me know! I love his work and think he's really a writer/producer on the rise.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!, since I've been in contact with him, I know that Kermit will be involved in most of the songs on this upcoming album. Both as a songwriter and producer.