Monday, August 31, 2009

Discover me

Songwriter update:

I reported earlier that British (but with an American deal with Lava Records) singer Jessie J, who may now be going by Jessie, was working with Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly. We've since had the opportunity to hear what must be at least one result from that collaboration: Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA," co-written by Luke, Claude, and Jessie. Hopefully, though, we'll hear better things sung by Jessie herself on her debut album, supposedly due out this year. I'm skeptical about that actually happening--the buzz behind the singer, more formally known as Jessica Cornish, needs more time to build.

Lucas Secon, the co-writer of songs like the Pussycat Dolls' "I Hate This Part," Martin's "Show The World," and Sarah Connor's "Under My Skin," is working on a new song with Britney Spears, according to his latest MySpace blog. He says he's also the producer of the lead single for Toni Braxton's new album, Pulse, which was written by him and Makeba Riddick. "Get Loose," a Toni track which leaked late last year, is still a great listen. "Resuscitate Me," which he reports is the "Say It"-following second single from Booty Luv's second album, is co-written by him as well.

Sharon Vaughn, co-writer of Agnes's "Release Me," has a song on her MySpace called "Penny on the Sidewalk" which sounds like it's being sung by Fredrik Kempe, the Swedish opera and pop singer who, despite two solo albums, is best known recently for his songwriting work. It could be an old song , but if you've missed Fredrik's voice or are completionist about the work of Kempe, Vaughn, Per Magnusson, or David Kreuger, its writers, head over there. If you're only a fan of Kempe's up-tempo, poppy productions, though, it's not for you. The (female) voice on "Dreamers Don't Get Much Sleep" also sounds familiar, though I can't quite place who it is.

Fibes, Oh Fibes!'s album 1987, released this week, features songs by Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp and Pontus and Petter Winnberg (the former being one-half of Bloodshy & Avant), among other talents more known to Swedes.

Swedish singer and former Alcazar and Barbados member Magnus Carlsson continues to work on his upcoming pop album (to be preceded by a holiday album this year, last I heard), Pop Galaxy, due in February of next year (you have to raise an eyebrow at that choice). He's continued to record with Pitchline (Velvet's "Come Into The Night" and "Take My Body Close") and Hitvision (and as mentioned before, Emil Hellman of SoundFactory contributed to some of them); some of the possible inclusions are called "Addicted To You" and "Last One To Stand."

Allison Iraheta, the fourth place finisher on the last season of American Idol, has worked with Toby Gad for her debut album, planned for a fall release...but really, who hasn't worked with him at this point, especially out of the Idol contestants?

Fred Ball (of Pleasure and work with Bertine Zetlitz) has contributed as a writer and producer to Girls Can't Catch's upcoming album.

Pascal Gabriel is working with Ladyhawke (on her second album), Example, Goldfrapp, and Marina & the Diamonds (we may have heard some of the resulting creations already).

The tracklist for the Saturdays' second album is out; Ina Wroldsen, co-writer of the majority of their first album, has done "No One," "One Shot," "Baby Baby," "Denial," "Wordshaker," "Open Up," and "Deeper." She's also contributed "Discover Me" to Girls Can't Catch's album, "My Hands" and "Heartbeat" to Leona Lewis's (earlier her two Leona contributions were called "Thank You, Thank You" and "My Heart," so I'm guessing they've just been renamed), "My Man," "Get Up (Stronger Man)," "Punching Out," and "I Had Him First" to Jade Ewen's, and "Before The Rain"'s to Alexandra Burke's. She's also got a song called "Not For You" which is listed as a Kylie Minogue release, but I don't have the Kylie knowledge to know whether that's a song that's come out already or not (it could also be the same song as Natalie Bassingthwaighte's "Not For You," also by Ina).


Damian said...

"Penny on the Sidewalk" is brilliant!!!!!!!
Yes, seems like it's Fredrik, they worked together on Malena's album so it's quite possible.
I love when Fredrik shows such new sides of his talent like with "We Can Change The World".

Paul said...

STOP THE BLOODY PRESSES!! A new Magnus Christmas album? You have just made me feel very festive indeed. I'm off to wrap myself in paper for you :P

Ken said...

meh to Allison Iraheta.

I'm excited about the new albums this fall. I'm sure there will be some great choices and some boos I'm gonna encounter along the way.

Alexander said...

"Dreamers Don't Get Much Sleep" is sung by the amazing Anorah.

Poster Girl said...

Another Fredrik-sung album would be fantastic. I didn't know that about the credits for Malena's album--makes sense, though!

I wonder what Christmas metaphor Magnus will have in store for us this time? I haven't heard any updates on that Christmas album recently, though, but then again, I've not been paying attention recently--I assume it's still on, but I don't have any real information about it.

She was my third favorite from Idol this year, but it's true that if you forced me to choose it's Adam's (first) and Kris's (second) albums that I'm most looking forward to out of this year's alums. There are a bunch of potentially exciting albums scheduled to come out this fall, though--you're right!

Alex, I thought it was but I wasn't sure! Thanks :)