Friday, May 15, 2009

Tries to cover up all of her mistakes

There's really only one reworking of a Frankmusik song that I don't love to bits, and that's "Confusion Girl." Of course, I was never madly in love with the original, so I think it's less a case of a great song being made less good (as of the moment, I've accepted the new version and even found my appreciation of it increasing week by week) but more an abundance of other songs by him that I find better. Still, maybe the playing down of eccentricity (though not total elimination of it) will let the song, Vince's next single, really take off. The video certainly looks like it's shaping up nicely:

Frankmusik's debut album, Complete Me, may feature primarily and possibly only songs we've heard before (though likely in reworked versions), but it's still one of my most anticipated albums of the year.


xolondon said...

LOVE that photo. I bet this video will generate some attention, given the budget AND Holly Valance, last seen stradding Vince on Entourage!

BTW, I realized today that I did not have you on my blogroll, which was pure oversight! It's fixed.

EQ said...

PPG - Can you believe it. "Vacant Heart" is NOT going to be on the album. Vince said it's gonna be a b-side. I almost died of disappointment...but I'll still be happy with a b-side of it.

D'luv said...

This looks like the billboard near my house for the new Disney/Pixar movie Up. And Mary Poppins. I wonder if he has mouse ears under that atrocious haircut?

Poster Girl said...

XO, it's a great photo--my interest in the video suddenly went way up, but I like it even outside of that context. Thank you, too...really!

No! Oh, Raj, now that's bad news...sigh. I'd wonder if it was related to sample clearance, but if it's a b-side, that seems less likely as an explanation. It's going to take some adjusting to get used to this news.

Robbie, I imagine I'll have seen Up within a week. I would like to claim that's because Pixar's roster includes some incredible storytellers and they have amazing talent for the visual side of art, and that's partly the case, but that would be leaving out the fact that I laugh every time the part of the commercial with "Squirrel!" comes on--that is exactly how all my dogs have thought, I'm sure of it.