Thursday, May 14, 2009

I need a ticket right away, don't care how much I have to pay

With four words, you're going to know in advance whether you think Industry's "My Baby's Waiting," which you can now listen to in full thanks to the music video, is the best new thing you've heard all week or something you have no interest in hearing: Steps meets the A*Teens.

(Credit to Chart Rigger.)

Personally (and despite just suggesting that the style alone would be enough to indicate the song's quality, which isn't actually the case), I think "My Baby's Waiting," made by TEN (whose Tysper, Grizzly, and Mack where responsible for many of the A*Teens' songs) is the pure pop sound done right. I still have real doubts about the single, out June 18, taking off in the group's native Ireland or the UK, but I'd love to find myself shocked and incorrect.


Paul said...

oh god please be shocked and incorrect. i can't take another same difference style fiasco :*(

Anonymous said...

My Baby's Waiting will be the first release in Ireland and Sweden, a different single will be released in the UK

John said...

Not really feeling it yet, and I hope for the band's sake that Anonymous is right about the release schedule. That video must have only cost a few hundred to put together.

Anonymous said...

I have great news for you today.
In fact possibly some of the best news of the year so far.

BLAKE LEWIS is making a NEW album XD as confirmed on American Idol extra.
Due out in Autumn and his new single is called 'Sad Song'.
This is all very exciting news as i loved his debut.


Rob Xavier said...

i cant stop playing this. i love european pop and im over here now for a cpl months. john im in film production and that video looks like it was shot in film, hard to say though on net.. they used steady cam, reflectors and probably well lit too to make it look sunny, location is nice. alot going for it. it looks expsnive, i recon $40,000/45,000

kevin (ru) said...

We need more and more 2guys/2gals groups! Great!

Andrew said...

This song has me hooked!
I love everything about it and can NOT WAIT to hear more from Industry! Here is hoping that others see them the same way I do and that they are able to build a solid career and not fade off into oblivion.
Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed this!

Jakie said...

does anyone have the mp3 of this to share?

Id love to play it loud on my ipod!

Nikki said...

Uh, if this is the same Industry who are planning to rival Louis Walsh's new girl group, they're certainly working fast. I don't know, there's something about this song that's annoying me to a certain extent. I don't know if it's the girls' voices(that are really a bit too much for me) or the melody they're singing because the boys' parts are brilliant(if they can sing the whole song that would be great).

I heard this rumor that they're doing the grey's anatomy theme song. Could be true..

Damian said...

Love the song and love artists, they look very interesting, talented and promising, all my hope is that it won't flop like Same Difference.

Andrew said...

I am with Jakie...if someone has the mp3 file of this or a radio rip I would GREATLY appreciate it.
I still cant get over how much I love this song!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I'm going to try and stay cool about the whole thing, let my skepticism about success influence my expectations, but I'm sure I'll end up overly emotionally involved anyway!

Anonymous, thanks for the information, especially since there doesn't seem to be much of that online yet about them!

John and Rob, I know nothing about film, but there is a glossy feel to the look of the video--Rob's comment about film is something that makes sense. I'm always awful at judging how much I like a music video until I see it on TV, but I'm fine with this one--yeah, not much happens, but it looks nice.

Conor, thrilling news! Thank you!

Kevin, I agree! Bring them on back!

Andrew, me, too! I'm so happy you love it...all the credit goes to Robbie of Chart Rigger, though! As for your and Jakie's request, I don't feel like I should post the song, but it's easy enough to get a decent though not perfect quality mp3 of any song that has a video on YouTube: grab the video in high quality and then extract the audio from it.

Nikki, I still feel like the Grey's Anatomy thing (if interpreted to mean they're trying to get a song on the show) is more a news bite designed to create interest than something likely to happen, but who knows, I suppose.

Damian, I'm worried in advance for them, but hopefully they'll find success in SOME market so they can keep going. I need my fix of pop like this from somewhere!

Andrew said...

How do you by chance rip a song from youtube? I will do anything to get this song right now.

Andrew said...

Ok so I ripped it...if anyone wants to download it go to the following link!