Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't want to turn up any demons between us

I avoided writing about Elin Lanto's "Spider's Web" when Alex first told me about her performance of it because, well, I felt like it was her falling off the popstar path she was on, a classic case of ditching one's style completely when it isn't selling in favor of one that might seem more credible.

In retrospect, I might have been slightly harsh. If "Spider's Web," created by Klas Wahl and George Nakas (Stonebridge feat. Therese's "Put 'Em High," Therese's "Time," Dannii Minogue's "Good Times," Victoria Beckham's "Let Your Head Go"), was the take-off point for the rest of the album, I'd be disappointed, but its electro-meets-acoustic ballad sound is one I could see myself loving as a deviation from the primary style that still bears enough of that style's traits to fit on Elin's album.

After that one performance of "Spider's Web" a few months ago, we heard nothing from Elin--understandable, perhaps, given that none of her singles have done as well as they deserved to do, but still saddening. There's been no update on her official site or MySpace for quite some time and the album that was supposed to come out received no mention anywhere.

There's good news, though: Pitchline, of Velvet's "Take My Body Close," "Come Into The Night," and "My Destiny" and upcoming songs with Magnus Carlsson, have just reported that they've done a song with Elin for her upcoming album (as well as posted a picture of a blonde Elin recording in their studio)! "My Destiny" may be a ballad, but that news means we should probably be optimistic about Elin keeping her dance-friendly sound.

If you missed out on Elin's great music from 2008, start with the Minogue-esque "Speak 'n Spell," which comes complete with a video with numerous popstar moments. There's something slinky and cool about "Speak 'n Spell" which sets it apart from other Swedish dance-pop music. Ideally, it's the direction I'd prefer Elin continue in, much as I love Pitchline's '80s-sounding hands-in-the-air dance-pop anthems, but we've yet to hear Pitchline do anything along these lines; plus, if there's still an attempt to push Elin internationally going on, I expect the style being pursued will be much more party-oriented. Still, I'm glad to have any news at all, and Elin working with Pitchline is potentially a great thing.


ajda said...

My name is Ajda and I'm running Emilia De Poret's fanblog (at
I've heared that you have written about her before, and I thought maybe you're a fan of her?

If you are I would love it if you could send me some sentences on why you love Emilia's music at my mail:

I'm trying to find a couple of fans so that they can say a few words about her music and what it means to them, so I can give it to her later on.

Cheers and thx in advance

Paul said...

without meaning to, i had completely forgotten about Elin. And i loved her after you introduced me to her too! Ok, so i dug out speak n spell again, and am enchanted again. Less convinced by Spider's Web but heartened that new music is in the offing. Why is it far too easy these days for promising pop stars to fall off the radar?

Aaron said...

Well - I Can't wait for Elin's album to come out - I've not heard Spider Web - but Maybe (I'm assuming it's a ballad), it could just be a track like Velvet's Play or My Destiny - just a nice interlude between the dancey stuff...?

Poster Girl said...

Ajda, I'll try to get something to you, if you still need it. By the way, you may have already contacted him, but Bobby at would be great for this!

Paul, "Speak 'n Spell" is the real gem, though "Discotheque" is great, too.

Yup, Aaron, a ballad (listen to her perform it in that video)--that's a good comparison; I hope it's right!