Monday, April 06, 2009

Saying it takes two to brave the weather

Run over to Chart Rigger right now if you want to hear Swedish songwriters Ten doing the purest pop sound they've done since the A*Teens --Robbie's posted a clip of Irish/British group Industry's upcoming single "My Baby's Waiting" (due out in May) and it's such an unexpected dose of poppiness I nearly fell out of my chair.

All you Eurovision-philes will want to note that Donal Skehan--of Irish national final '08/"Double Cross My Heart"--is one of the members.

As I mentioned in the comments over there, Ten are knocking it out of the park lately: Erik Hassle's album and now, though it may be premature to judge based on that short clip, this. I wish they'd bring their official site back so we can keep track of all the stuff they're up to.


Damian said...

Awesome song. I've found it on that blog today as well. But I didn't know anything about Ten before. Hope this band won't disappear like Same Difference.
By the way I've known today that Donal was in one boys-band Streetwize with Jonathan Fagerlund but I don't see Jonathatan on their pics, maybe he is left on this pic?

Poster Girl said...

I had to think of Same Difference too! With that pure pop sound from Sweden that I'm quite worried about the UK/Ireland embracing and Same Difference recently being dropped, I'm worried in advance for them. Ten have done some great stuff over the years--the Tysper/Grizzly/Mack etc. team is one I always associate with A*Teens first, but they've done some other great stuff, too. They've worked a lot with Amy Diamond--I think Tommy Tysper even co-wrote "Stay My Baby" with Max, if I'm remembering correctly.

Now that you bring it up, I don't think I've ever seen Jonathan in any Streetwize pictures either--I know he left a while before the group disbanded, so maybe it was before they really did any sort of promotion beyond light touring and as a result there aren't many pictures of him. It is strange, though!

Paul said...

can you see me being utterly obsessed with this or what?!

Anonymous said...

I love this already!!!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, YES! You and Same Difference were some of the first things my mind flashed to.

Anonymous, I've been playing the clip a good number of times and figured "hey, that'd be a good comment--what's the play count up to on my iPod?"

47. 47. That's actually embarrassing. Surely that can't be right! I think the point would be that I do, too ;)