Monday, April 06, 2009

Of all the lonely people, I wanna be loved by you

Adem just reviewed Erik Hassle's album. It's a great review that perfectly captures why this album is so exciting and why I fell so in love with it and hopefully many others will too.

In other words: go read it.


KulPop said...
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Paul said...

i kind of feel that i don't need to do an album review now that adem has encapsulated it so perfectly. I shall direct people to him. And eventually you :P

Anonymous said...

Its rare for me to like every single track on an album but i can honestly say there's not one i press the skip button on for his.

I always find i have a new favourite everyday.
'I Wanna Be Loved', 'Isn't It Obvious' and 'Don't Bring Flowers' are fastly becoming my most played songs of the year.
Im very fond of the album in same way as with 'Ferras' debut last year (which i still play a lot now).


Poster Girl said...

He did such a great job with it, didn't he, Paul? Ha ha, thanks for not giving up all hope in me ;)

Conor, I'm in exactly the same position on all counts--I rarely like every track on an album, there's not one here I skip, I'm always finding new favorites, and I love it in much the same way I loved Ferras's album last year (though for consistency Hassle wins out for me...not sure in terms of ultimate best tracks yet)!

xolondon said...

I keep trying to find this album, but can't! Anyway, I've heard 4 tunes and love it. Adem is brilliant, as always.

Adem With An E said...

Thank you for the link back and all of the praise :)