Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Despite how silly it sounds


The living legend Max Martin almost never gives interviews, let alone long ones, so don't miss out on Popjustice's conversation with him.


Damian said...
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Damian said...

It was great, finaly we've got Max' interview, that's pity it finished so fast and that mostly it was about Carolina Liar, I'm pretty sure Popjustice had much more of questions to Max, but ok thanx for it.

Just wanted to tell you something you can be interested in.
Serebro just released their album and I find it the best russian album for maybe 5 years or something like this. Here's tracklist with links on youtube.

1. Song #12. Дыши (Breathe)3. Under Pressure4. Dirty Kiss5. Sound Sleep6. Пыль Ангелов (Angel Dust)7. Never Be Good8. What's Your Problem?9. Скажи, не Молчи (Say, do not be Silent)10. Опиум (Opium)11. Мы Взлетаем (We Take Off)By the way here is english version of Opium (though I like russian version more).

Anders "Maverick" Lundström from Rednex has started solo-career, his first single "Pretending" is written by Anders Bagge, I could find only sample from video-shooting and it sounds very promising http://svtplay.se/v/1528059/stodeson_gor_solokarriar

I've never heard before about Carpark North , I was checking dannish iTunes-chart and occasionally found their song "Save Me From Myself", but their other stuff turned to be very-very good as well.

Are you gonna make some article about you Eurovision favorites by the way? :))

Paul said...

Aces. I love geniuses. Genuii?

Poster Girl said...

I know Peter Robinson is a big fan of some of Max's work--he often cites "...Baby One More Time" as a perfect pop song (praise he doesn't give out lightly) and I remember him writing great things about other Max songs, too--like "Shape Of My Heart"--so to some degree, as much as he's an experienced, professional journalist who's an expert at doing that Smash Hits style of snark, I imagine to some degree he was in enough awe to throw him off a bit. Not that that really comes through in the interview, but really, Max isn't exaggerating (or not by much) when he mentions how few interviews he's done in ten years! GREAT news about Serebro (both that they've finally released an album and that it's so fantastic according to you)! I'll spend today and tomorrow going listening to that album, I'm sure. Thanks for the tip! Unexpected news (for me) about Maverick, but I'll have to keep an eye open. I only know a few Carpark North songs, but as soon as I've finished with Serebro, I'll check them out. I think I have to (re: Eurovision)--I need to get it out of my system somehow!

Paul, I can be pretty easy with the praise sometimes, but if ever a music-related figure deserves the word "genius," it's Max (though that's not to say he's the only one).