Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strut their stuff again

Alcazar's new album, Disco Defenders, is out now, after some problems with availability. I haven't heard it yet, but you can read a review of it over at Scandipop and listen to short clips from it below.

As a reminder for those of you who might usually ignore Alcazar news (what, are you crazy?), "Baby," the seventh track on the album, is written by the Pet Shop Boys. It starts playing at 2:25.

If you don't live in Sweden, you can buy Disco Defenders here or here.


eurovisionessex said...

I'll be cheering for Alcazar in Globen on Saturday night. It's a very close MF this year, and I wouldn't like to call the winner, but Alcazar just have the edge for me. Disco Defenders sounds amazing so I can't wait to hopefully buy it while I'm in Stockholm!

Paul said...

bollocks, it's out already? I've only just bought kevin borg's cd, and mans, bwo, and alcazar singles. This is ridick. Isn't it often feast or famine in the world of pop though?!

Poster Girl said...

EE, they were amazing this year. Total pros on the performance side and with a top-quality song. Thank goodness we've got them around!

Paul, you bought all those singles?! Physical versions? Good for you, but boy, I only ever buy digital versions of Swedish singles given those import costs. You're right, though--this is one of those expensive times of year.