Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love will last forever

Do you know who's amazing? Commenter Wiola P, who alerted me to the fact that Måns Zelmerlöw had uploaded MZW to his MySpace.

Do you know who's also amazing? Måns. Getting to listen to this album a week earlier than expected is making my day.

"Forever" is dance-tastic. It sports a musical line that my first response to was "that sounds like Basshunter's 'DotA,'" but I've always liked that song anyway. "Freak Out" is so poppy, despite its R&B and electronic influences, and so catchy that I've already got a huge crush on it. "Rewind" answers my prayers by being in the dance direction I hoped but didn't dare expect it would be, and the same could be said for any number of other songs on MZW. In general, the sound seems to be much more grown up, fully fleshed out, modern, and with an electronic bite to it; more international, but still Måns. It's not a schlager album, but, at least in a partial listening, it's the album I was hoping Måns would make, especially once we knew the collaborators.

Given that I'm pressed for time at the moment (skipping class to listen to an album has never sounded so appealing), I can't say more or even listen to all the tracks before I leave (I'll write more when I get back). Let's just say that, after this album, any chance of me escaping Måns's effect on me is pretty much gone.

Buy MZW here (physical) or here (physical). It comes out next week, but you can preorder it now.


Wiola P said...

HoHo I am amazing?:D Hehe
No problem. I'll always help:)

Paul said...


now if i can get audacity to work with vista i'll be all over that like a rash :P

Keira said...

Ah! I'm getting excited about this album more than I should. I'm trying to wait until my final return to Stockholm in July, when I'll be able to stock up on lots of lovely CDS...
But I keep getting tempted to hop on the next ferry! Its only 12 hours or so... Is that too far for one CD? Hmmmm... No! Must focus. Must remain in Finland...

Anonymous said...

Hi Poster girl.
I just want to let you know that Jason Gill/David Clewett wrote and produced:

1.Freak out
3.Hold on.

On Måns album.

Keep up the good work you do promoting Swedish artists.

Poster Girl said...

Yup, you're officially amazing ;) Thank you again!

Paul, forget Audacity--it's all about grabbing the songs in high quality! Woo!

Ha ha, Keira, oh, the temptation! And the patience you must have! I hope that for you it ends up being worth the wait.

Hi, Anonymous! Thanks so much for the information. Look at that: some of the songs I was first drawn to! Great work from the team. I was wondering about production, too, so you've saved me from having that question about those songs.

Kara said...

Freak Out is genius. Like the rest of the songs. Oh my gosh. I'm going to die.

Poster Girl said...

I was all about "Find Love" today and I can see this being an album where I have a different song to obsess over every day for a while. Thank goodness for Måns!

Rick said...

I have to say I think Darin must be really jealous that your affections are no longer focused on him. He called me earlier today in tears.

Wiola P said...

hoho Mans get Gold CD one week before release MZW.

Poster Girl said...

Rick, if he liked it, then he shoulda put a ring on it (and I don't even like that song).

It's great news! Sweden's whole way of basing record certifications based on the number stores order instead of actual sales is always a bit strange to me, but it's still a welcome event.