Friday, March 06, 2009

I never knew that I would rewrite the time of my life to not knowing better

I had my iPod on shuffle the other day and two songs from Dilba's 2003 album Revolution, which I took as a sign to post something from it. The Swedish-Kurdish singer has released three studio albums so far as well as a new single last year. The first album's main single, "I'm Sorry," was a floaty semi-soulful pop song, but for "Every Little Thing," the lead single for her third album, she added an electro bite to her sound. "Every Little Thing" may be six years old by now, but its sound is one I think hasn't dated at all; if this was the debut single by some new singer, it would still be worth getting excited about. A strong melody--especially in that chorus, but it's a Swedish song, so would you expect anything less?--Dilba's often delicate voice, the dark electro squiggles interwoven throughout the song, some sometimes evocative lyrics, and the strong percussion beat add up to a great distinctive subtly powerful song.

To buy Dilba's third studio album Revolution, go here (digital).


Anonymous said...

Ooh 'Every Little Thing' is a great song and it indeed sounds quite fresh/new still.

Emilia De Poret has released her debut album.
This is very exciting news for me as ive been looking forward to it for ages :D
Will let you know what i think of it later.


Paul said...

it's odd isn't it when you hear an old song and you think, wow this could be released today and still sound pretty relevant. Sadly it doesn't quite happen enough but it's a nice surprise when it does.

Poster Girl said...

Conor, I'm glad you agree with me! :D

Paul, you're right about that always being a nice surprise. Sometimes the songs that hold up are surprising ones.