Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I know I should get away

I've got some catching up posts to do to make up for songs I should have written about over the past few months but just never got around to. Starting us off is Sweden's Cloetta Paris. The duo is often written about in reference to their underground-level italo-disco music which has led to them becoming a blog favorite often mentioned in the same sentence as Sally Shapiro. You could just as easily compare her latest single, "You And Me By The Stereo," to a toned down version of Annie's cosmic electro-pop "Songs Remind Me Of You," though. Still, the music may not bite in the same way as that Annie song, but the vocals, though still delicate, are just a little less slight--or maybe just a little warmer--a welcome difference. Somehow the song seems to have created much less buzz online than their earlier work, but it's definitely worthy of a little more love.

To buy Cloetta Paris's latest single "You And Me By The Stereo," go here (digital).

Next up: maybe I'll finally write about Erik Hassle's album or that Swedish pop-rock or that German dance-pop song I've mentioned several times.


Robpop said...

I love CP! Thank god someone else likes them. Their album was one of DSTP's album of year. I think they are far more catchier than a lot of who they are often compared to. They are such a shy band too.

I'm just sooooooooo happy you like Cloetta Paris too. Their earlier work for me is lush. Cry Just A Little Bit (while not on the album) is amazing. As is their cover of St Elmo's Fire.

Paul said...

Cloetta is just lovely and the song is an understated slice of pop heaven. I likes her a lot :) Oh god, please please please write about Erik Hassle soon. You have made me fall HARD for his album and I need someone to put into words what i think i am feeling. If that makes sense!

Magnus Runesson said...

Hassle's album will be released in Sweden in April 29 according to the shop cdon.com.
Until then take a look at his Myspace page.

I will visit his concert towmorrow night in Stockholm. Looking forward to it.

Poster Girl said...

Bobby, I don't listen to them nearly as much as I should! They're so great, though, that that statement could apply to the world in general--they deserve more attention.

Paul, the fact that you've fallen for it makes me very happy. I'll get to it soon!

Magnus, I hope he puts on a great concert for you! I wish I was in Sweden to go see him live. Failing that, I'd love to hear about it. That's great news about the Swedish release of the album--I'm not surprised it was pushed back from the late March release date. This should give it enough time for buzz to build, I hope.