Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't you notice how I look at you?

As Rick pointed out in the comments, I've been neglecting the world's greatest male popstar. Darin, as I've written about before, is doing a sort of special charity promotional single thing with album bonus track "What If" to promote anti-bullying organization Friends while releasing "Runaway" as his proper next single. It seems like ages since we first heard about the filming of a video for "What If," but it's finally out now. The video is good but only a must-watch if you're a Darin addict and/or love watching him pronounce words, especially his trademark "oo"s. Not that I know anyone for whom that last part is true.

In a meeting of two very different famous singers, Darin also did a duet with Owe Thörnqvist for Swedish TV program Musikministeriet. Watch them work on it here and download the Middle Eastern-meets-urban-electro-pop "Julie" here (if you want to listen to the original song which inspired it, Cheb Khaled's incredibly famous "Didi," go here). Sadly it only lasts two minutes, with Owe taking up the first half and Darin doing the second--I wish so much that it was longer (especially, let's be honest, if the whole song being sung by Darin, just because his style is more in line with my tastes). This information, by the way, was stolen straight from Popknark.

As I mentioned when it happened, during the fourth semifinal of Melodifestivalen, Darin performed a cover of Jan Johansen's "Se på mig," Sweden's 1995 Eurovision entry, during the interval act. Watch the performance below.

Darin will also be appearing on Let's Dance, Sweden's version of Strictly Come Dancing, a few hours from now. Edit: if you want to watch Darin's dance-filled medley of "Breathing Your Love," "Step Up," and "Runaway," go here (though I had to open it in an Internet Explorer tab because it wouldn't play in Firefox). Warning: he opens the performance wearing some ill-advised glasses.


Anonymous said...

Ive been rather dissapointed with the single choices from his latest album.
Should of gone like this:
1. Breathing Your Love
2. Roadtrip
3. Paradise/Girl Next Door
4. Dance

Not very fond of 'Runaway', its very bland pop/r&b by numbers.
'What If' is alright, 'See You At The Club' was a poor choice for 2nd single, being one of the weakest RedOnes production ever :(

I was quite surprised just how quickly i got bored of his latest album though.
However 'Breathing Your Love' still remains amazing right to this day.
Apparently Kat DeLuna's new album is finally getting a release soon, exciting news for me considering i loved almost every song on her debut :D
'Unstoppable' & 'Put It On' are dire though, so no surprise they flopped :(.

Ive had nothing else on today but Velvet's album, every song except 'Play' is amazing.
The new version of 'My Rhythm' makes me break into dance everytime.


Poster Girl said...

Conor, I LOVE "See U At The Club," but since in everything I'd read before its release no one else really liked it--well, except maybe Paul, I think--I didn't expect it as a single and, once it was, didn't expect it to do well; sadly, the endorsement of one American blogger and one British blogger does not make for smash hit Swedish success. "Runaway" is easily one of the album's weaker tracks for me, though, so I'll agree with you on that, as well as on "Play" being the weakest on Velvet's (great) new album.

Rick said...

Great post. Darin is a hotter piece than Måns anyday. He looked adorable on Melodifestivalen, if not a little nervous...

Poster Girl said...

He did! I wasn't a fan of the vibrato he started using at the very end, but beyond that, it was a pretty good performance.

AcerBen said...

I'm still baffled at the choice of Runaway - it should have been Dance!

thanks for the link to my new blog btw. Have done a full Eurovision review like last year if ur interested:)

Poster Girl said...

Ben, I've been following along as you go, of course, even when I disagree!