Saturday, February 21, 2009

You hang on to a castle of sand

Well, that's the result I feared and kind of expected for most of my pre-performance preferred songs (based on the announcement of the top five). Let's see what happens next.


Bas said...

Quite dissapointing heat I must say. Velvet's Queen song wasn't too bad, I actually thought she performed and sang it quite well but the song isn't catchy enough. EMD I can not stand... their vocals were really bad but I wasn't surprised seeing them reaching the finals. I wonder what it will do in Globen.
Thought that Molly's song was quite nice, though I hope SDF's song is better. Sofia's track is really cool but imo she can't sing. Really a big surprise the international jury picked her (probably because of the ethnic roots in the song?). The studio version of this will sound quite nice I'm sure. BWO.... not sure what to think of, it ain't a winner that's for sure, but Martin sang it really well I must say. Did not expect that. The song itself I don't like much and I've never been a fan of any of their ballads either. Let's hope heat 4 will be better.

Damian said...

Very pity about Velvet(((((((((
E.M.D. deserved final and BWO deserved Andra Chansen but Velvet and Sofia had to be instead of Molly and Rigo.

Robpop said...

I am getting weirdly good at this. I've been roughly predicting all the songs that would get through and those that wouldn't. Now, its getting weird. I should put some krona on the next round.

Jump! said...

I have to say of this heat Maja Gullstrand's song was actually one of my favorites for song and routine. BWO turned in "gone- part 2" and i believe it fare just as well. EMD were absolutely dreadful and poor Velvet turned in a stomper of a routine but still didn't get the love.

I actually think BWO could win Eurovision with their song but will never get the chance. I believe Mans will probably take this year's Melodifestivalen contest given the songs we've seen so far.

Poster Girl said...

Bas, I think and hope Sarah's song will be much better. Martin did do a good job singing (though I mean that technically--I do wonder if I'd enjoy the song more with a different singer), you're right, but there was just no spark for me in that song, sadly (though Martin did a good job working the camera at the end).

Poor Velvet :( She's cursed. Your results are ones I would have been very happy with.

Robpop, maybe you should! The predictions you've shared have all been scarily accurate.

Jump!, it's probably not a song I'll return to frequently, but I didn't dislike Maja's entry at all. I was wondering the same thing about BWO--could they win Eurovision?--when I listened to the song in full; it has that accessibility to it, but it's an accessibility that comes from (for me!) a loss of the unusual or interesting...a lot like Dima's song last year. Even moreso with "You're Not Alone," though, I just couldn't feel any excitement in it.

Thank you all (and others who have been commenting recently) so much for leaving comments, by the way!