Friday, January 30, 2009

Money just can't buy you love

Vitally important information: the new Måns Zelmerlöw album comes out on March 25.

(Information credit to QX, which has some other interesting information about participants and albums; photo (c) Peter Knutson, also in QX.)

He's the main writer for the songs, worked with Fredrik Kempe and Eshraque "Ishi" Mughal (who's worked with Swedish rappers Lazee and Petter), and describes the sound as kind of like schlager-R&B, big choruses with a good beat.

Don't panic at the R&B part, everyone. It'll probably all be fine. I mean, even if rap's not your thing, just listen to the beats behind the songs Lazee's written or produced; some sharp crisp electro-R&B like that would absolutely be an interesting thing for Måns to be playing with. It's not Ishi's first working with a pop artist either--he did Darin's "Everything I'm Not."

Måns mentioned earlier on that he'd done another track with Kempe he considered submitting to Melodifestivalen, a giant ballad with a French march beat, so I expect that's on the album, too.

He's already done a photoshoot for the album and single, though I don't know whether it's guaranteed that shots from it will be used for both or either or in what capacity. It involved him in various sorts of semi-formal (button up shirt, button up shirt with tie) to formal (tuxedo) dress and lots of smoke (the photo in this post, though, is, as I said, from QX).

As with the past two years, I'm planning on doing a preview/run-down of each week's semifinal the Sunday beforehand, so that'll be starting...this Sunday! Wow, can it really be almost here already?

Speaking of releases, the cover art for a couple of the singles is out now--I've only seen BWO and Rigo's, but there may be more.


Aaron said...


And really nice photo's too - I really must try Mans out!

Paul said...

oh i have got all hot and bothered by
a) the fact that new mans (and BWO) are coming out soon
b) Mans in a tux
c) Mans in a shirt and tie.

Cara MIA!!!

Melodimen said...

Come closer.... Cara Mia!

Bring on Hope and Glory.

Looking forward to it! :)

EuropeCrazy said...


Just under 8 weeks to go till the new Måns album is out.

Can't wait!!

And of course Poster Girl....your Melodifestivalen reports will be wonderful.

Happy days!! :))))))

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, absolutely yes check out his music! "Cara Mia" and "Brother Oh Brother" are probably his two most popular songs.

Woo, Paul! Only a few weeks--well, less than two weeks--until we hear his song!

I'm hoping it can live up to everyone's expectations and hopes. It should at the least be good fun.

It's so nice to finally have a date! Let the countdown begin.