Sunday, January 04, 2009

#72 Solange, "Sandcastle Disco"

I play tough as nails with my heart on my sleeve,
I'm nothing but a sandcastle, baby, don't blow me away

I am not the biggest fan of the revival of a certain '60's sound going on right now. Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"? Hated it. Amy Winehouse? Left me cold. The imitators since then have failed to win me over, too...with a very few exceptions. "Sandcastle Disco" was this year's biggest, though six months ago ago I would have told you that title belonged to Little Jackie's "The World Should Revolve Around Me." The gentler "Sandcastle Disco" has been the song to go the distance, though. With just a touch of shimmy, it's a song that--remarkable and rarely for a song in this style--couldn't have a more apt key line in "don't blow me away": "Sandcastle Disco" feels like a dandelion turned white, only one small puff away from dissipating into the air. By forsaking the strident beats of its compatriots and allowing Solange to sing in a smooth coquettish manner--in other words, by not forcing itself upon us and by not beating us over the head--"Sandcastle Disco"made itself into the best kind of earworm you can imagine: the kind that never wears out its welcome.

Find it on: Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams


Mike said...

I think this took everyone by surprise. It really is a lovely track - pure, unadulterated happiness!

Poster Girl said...

That's exactly what it is, Mike, and I never would have expected it. It being a radio hit here would have been so welcome.