Sunday, January 04, 2009

#70 PNAU feat. Ladyhawke, "Embrace"

(That's not Ladyhawke in the video, by the way.)

On a night like tonight,
You saved my life

I know talking about American clothing retailer Forever 21 is hardly going to win me any cool points, but if you were an American who knew of some place where you could hear Ladyhawke mixed into Eric Prydz's "Pjanoo" mixed into this song, you'd spend half your shopping time there, too. Part electronic music, part dance, part pop, "Embrace" is the sort of song to get both hipsters and pop music fans excited. Catchy and swathed in synths, it's also a song with a beating heart, a fact never made more clear than when Ladyahwke sings the line that gives the song its title, "Still got time for someone/Be my embrace now." It's the sort of fully fleshed out exciting sound that I'd kill to hear on the dancefloor, but, failing that, even a bargain-priced clothing store meant for teenage girls will do.

Find it on: PNAU

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