Monday, January 05, 2009

#61 Rogue Traders, "I Never Liked You"

Is there a reason you're still hangin' around?

Talk about a musical attack. "I Never Liked You" is dance-rock wrapped up in a pop package, but even more than that, from the moment that crunchy guitar riff slices through the silence to open the song, you know you're in for an adrenaline-pumping ride. The Australian group teases us with that riff, a percussion and choral crescendo, and some shouted "Hey"s, but they quickly revert to a coyly demure verse with singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte putting on her best doe-eyed innocent look before returning to the song's opening style as Natalie reveals her "confession": an attitude-filled "I never liked you/even when I tried to." Put over one of the most sharply invigorating backing tracks of the year, it makes for the ultimate brush-off, the sort of song that gets you pumped up whether you want to be or not. "I Never Liked You" might just be the Rogues' best up-tempo single yet, and for a group with "Voodoo Child" in their back pocket, that's saying something.

Find it on: Better In The Dark


Aaron said...

What was that about Australia being under-represented???

Anyways - I like the song - but best uptempo track? Nope!!!

I love Way To Go & Watching You - I thought Way To Go is criminally underrated and Voodoo Child was Criminially OVERrated...

Mike said...

Yuck! I hate this song. The only Rogue Traders track I can stand is "What You're On" and that's only because it sounds like a Kylie B-side.

Poster Girl said...

For me "Voodoo Child" has always been way ahead of "Way To Go" and "Watching You," and I don't think I could explain why.

Mike, that's a great (well, great for me ;) ) one, too. "In Love Again" is my ultimate Rogue Traders song. I'm sure the news that Natalie embarking on a solo career was just music to your ears, given your undying love for her.