Wednesday, January 07, 2009

#51 Isabel Guzman, "Mysterious"

Ooo, you are my greatest sin
My Mickey Finn
Watch me as I trip and just sli-i-ide

From the first time Swedish singer Isabel Guzman appeared in blog world with "Love Song," electronic pop music from the same school as "Nothing Good About This Goodbye," it's been obvious she's something special. "Mysterious," with its "My Sharona" interpolation and kicky tempo, is the other side of Isabel but does just as good a job of confirming her as a popstar to watch. A breath of fresh catchy pop air, "Mysterious" lets Isabel show off a bit of attitude before switching over to a smooth, sleek ooo-ed chorus. It all adds up to great electronic pop music.

Find it on: Kill The Boy EP (available internationally on iTunes here)


Paul said...

ah la guz. I adore her. Perhaps the love that i should have given Robyn (and possibly lady gaga) has all been poured into my hopes for Isabel and i have no more left to give! Mysterious is a fine tune indeed and I am just seeting with impatience for her album

Poster Girl said...

I hope it lives up to the potential she's shown, Paul!